Since Mercury rules nervous system it is also related to B complex vitamins.

Mercury also governs one’s Skin health

So if there is an affliction to Planet Mercury in one’s horoscope or if there is conglomeration of planets in Libra ( Skin),this may indicate weakness in Skin’s Health.

For Pure Vegetarians among B complex vitamins, Vitamin B 12 ( Cobalamin) can be deficient. Main sources of Vitamin B 12 are Meat and Milk

There can also be Vitamin B 12 deficiency due to issues in Intrinsic factor or simply called Gastric intrinsic factor. It is a protein made by parietal cells of stomach linings which is necessary for the absorption of Vitamin B 12. People who take Antacids or medicines such as Metformin etc can reduce intrinsic factor production and lead Vitamin B 12 deficiency. It can be an auto immune disorder as well.

Dermatologist will fix your right dosage of Vitamin B12 for your skin.

Keraglo Men – is a good Tablet for Vitamin B12 , it contains unique ingredients such as Grape seed extract, green tea extract , Gama linolenic acid,copper,zinc etc to name a few.

Using Blue color and Turquoise color dress attached to your body is very beneficial for skin health in medical astrology point of view.

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