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Do your hands go numb when you sleep ? Have you ever woken up suddently with an unexpected feelings in your hands and annoying tickling. Do your hands go numb several times at night, waking you up with a strange situation? If so, the read on as we will explain the common causes and remedies for this occurance.

Tingling in the hands or feet or both can happen by sitting or sleeping position, such as crossed legs or falling asleep on an arm. But at other times, it doesn’t have anything to do with your position.

The causes of Tingling in the hands and feet can be due to various reasons such as Type 2 diabetes, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Peripheral Neuropathy ,Alcohol use disorder ( alcoholic Neuropathy) etc.

The solution recommended by conventional medical doctors for condition like this is , they will give you medicines for diabetics even if you are on pre diabetic stage. They will order blood sugar test and will tell you it is due to diabetic ( Peripheral Polyneuropathy). Some doctors may even suggest you surgery or medications based on assumption that it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

It is similar to when we have a problem with our car, and the mechanic orders us a new part from the manufacture and replaces the old one with it. How many times have we heard or even taked about mechanics just changing parts and charging us for the privilege? . Unfortunately the medical system can treat you in a similar way to a car.

Your doctor will not order a B12 test if there is no evidence of anaemia.

Now a days doctors rarely ask patients about their eating habbits. All vegetarians should regularly test possible B12 deficiency, but if your doctor doesn’t know your eating habits, you wont be B 12 tested.

If your only symptom is Tingling in your hands and if you are a pure vegetarian you might undergo Vitamin B12 test before your doctor thinks “ May be we should check his/her B12 levels “. This is because, the Rich source of Vitamin B12 is Animal products such as Meat, Poultry,Sea food and eggs. But eggs having very little B12. So Vegetarians are likely to have B12 deficiency. B12 is very essential vitamin for healthy nerve function, and brain function. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to Pernicious anaemia , an important cause of Peripheral Neuropathy. Just keep in mind that even if you eat lot of green vegetables-folate rich foods ( B Complex Vitamins), it may only mask the symptoms of developing B12 deficiency. The folate will keep your blood count normal even if your B12 is falling, but folate will not protect your brain and nervous system. You will have no evidence of B12 deficiency but your symptoms of numbness, tingling, balance problems and emotional issues will continue unchecked.

You can take B12 supplements , it is virtually impossible to take too much B12 as any excess of this water soluble vitamin is eliminated via urine. The only way too much B12 will kill you is if you fill your bath tub with it and drown !!!!!!!!

Take one Table spoon of flax seed oil for about four weeks.

Eat foods such as potatoes,brown rice, bananas, green vegetables, chicken breast, milk etc.
Use only Cold compresses on the hand and wrist. Don’t apply hot compresses or hot pads. They make the problem worse.

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