About 70% of activity in Marketing is just Repetitive. Only 30% Creative.  When you work 9 to 5 jobs, Sales person is most likely to concentrate on 70% which is just Repetitive. The 30% needs more effort and is more valuable , but it is intangible . So the Boss cannot understand its value. So to please your boss, you do Repetitive and make him happy.

When you ask a sales person, about his /her company and products, 99% answer will be : BEST QUALITY, BEST PRICE, PROMPT DELIVERY. FACTORY CERTIFIED  AND 1OO YEARS OLD COMPANY.  He goes on repeating this to every client for his/her life time. And the prospect goes on bargaining and in the price point of view both 1 year old and 100 year old company sells at same price. Same Profit. And as far the customer is concerned he dont get any UNIQUENESS  whether it is 1 year or 100 year old company and he gets the same benefits. 

When I do market research and contact the companies, (both big and small), I get the same style of response. No uniqueness even in the communication design.Sometimes I get big problems when dealing with bigger companies ( I have already blogged about this in my another article.

The Sales Person is very important in the organisation. I know most of you are very capable, but you are tied up with in the organisation. If you show some reports and 70% repetitive activity, all are happy including your boss..  I will give you another example.. ” What is the chief important factor in the value of the book ? Publisher or the Author. My answer : More important is the author who wrote it. You have to sell yourself. Then you becomes a Number -One Salesman.. You have to be HiTECH and HISOFT.

Medical Men are also sales people. Medicine is always a SELLERS MARKET. The Customer ( Patient) has no  choice but to buy, the sellers ( medical men, hospitals ) decide what services the patient will buy. The poor patient unable to diagnose his own illness has no choice but to buy every investigation ordered by the medical men.

Medical Men also gives you the above mentioned 70% repetitive . They always talk about blood sugar levels to the customer ( patient). They will advise you to decrease insulin sensitivity. Key word will be insulin. But if you concentrate on insulin entire life span you cannot control it. You will be the life time customer ( patient) . Go one step ahead – You concentrate on increasing OXYTOCIN hormone. It is a Two bird with one stone. It will decrease blood sugar level, increase insulin level, decrease insulin sensitivity. and also will improve Lipid Profile. This is as per the  research conducted in 1963. But still the medical men never share this thought to customer ( patient). Earlier Oxytocin was only considered as Love hormone.Now it is NOT.  

Two things we learned : 1) Sell Yourself   2) Dont concentrate just on INSULIN-go one step ahead or you will be a life time customer


This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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