Is It good for close friends ( girl and boy) to hold hands ?


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Many people Joke about Male Menopause. Nevertheless , men do actually go through a period in mid-life when they undergo hormonal changes. He can experience anxiety and decreased sexual appetite during this stage. I mean here the under production of hormones( male menopause).
For women Menstrual cycle stops often after the age of 45. It occurs because ovaries stop producing Oestrogen and Progestrone. Due to lower Oestrogen and Progestrone levels , a woman may decreased sexual appetite.
D.H.E.A ( Youth hormone)is the main factor in both cases. ( Dehydroepiandrosterone). It is a hormone that comes from the adrenal gland. It is also made in the brain. DHEA leads to the production of androgens and estrogens (male and femal sex hormones). DHEA levels in the body began to decrease after age 30. Levels decrease more quickly in women.


1. One of the most effective way to immediately boost your DHEA levels is to be touched ( as in having a great hand with your close friend/lover or massage).
2. De stress your life : Stress increases levels of two hormones –Insulin and Cortisol. When blood levels of Insulin and Cortisol remain high, they suppress the youth hormone DHEA. Stress also depletes the vitality of your adrenal glands that produce DHEA.
3. Have sound sleep- Your adrenal glands not only create energy but also produce DHEA. If you suffer from andrenal fatigue, you may have trouble sleeping and your adrenals will not be able to produce adequate DHEA for your activities.
4. Cut out sugar- Sugar creates acidic blood. To be healthy your blood should be slightly alkaline.

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