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Menstrual cycle stops often after the age of 45. It occurs because ovaries stop producing Oestrogen and Progestrone. Due to lower Oestrogen and Progestrone levels , a woman may find low libido after menopause.

Cinnamon and ginger are two spices with most powerful effects in women. Make a syrup with equal proportion of each spice and honey. Consume a table spoon of the syrup on its own or with hot water and then wait 15 minutes before eating.

Macca is one of the best ways to restore a lack of libido . It increases sexual desores, regulates hormone stystem and improves skin, hair and bone health.Mecca is rich in essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B1,B2 and B6 and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous ,potassium , sodium and zinc.

Foods that are red in Color have the ability to increase sexual desire, in addition to improving circulation and preventing cancer.

So you can consume as breakfast, the following:
Promegranate+ apple + other red color fruits.

Not only Red food, Red color has therapeutic effects, one of which is to stimulate sexual appetite. Just keep in mind we don’t recommend painting the walls of your bed room this color, because too much can cause negative effect,leading to aggressiveness and bad moods. The best way to incorporate this color in your house is to use red cushions, red pillows, red furniture etc.

The following essential oils also increases sexual desire –Lavender, Vanilla, Rose, Cinnamon, Bergamot etc.

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