Loneliness is a state of mind. Literally it means “with out companions”. Psychologist agree that one important factor in loneliness is a person’s social contacts. Eg friends, family members, coworkers etc. We depend on various people for different reasons. For instance, our family give us emotional supports, our parents and teachers give us guidance ,our friends share similar interest etc.

It needs to be emphasized here that but loneliness is not about how many friends /social contacts you have, it is about how many friends /social contacts we think or expect we should have.For instance lonely people may have many social contacts, they some times feel they should have more. They question their own popularity .Loneliness is a subjective experience. If you think you are lonely, then you are lonely. Even though if you are in a middle of party, u can feel lonely. Conversely a person can be alone, and not feel lonely if he has no desire for social interaction. Loneliness is an emotion, a lack, a feeling that something is missing, a pain, a depression, a need , an incompleteness, an absence. But Aloneness , simply means that you are in solitude. Leader feel alone in their responsibilities, but never feel lonely.

We could feel lonely even if we live with some one-why is that ? When we perceive no empathy or understanding from people closest to us, we feel no connection , and that creates the root of loneliness.

There are 2 elements in feelings-the idea in the mind and a physical sensation in the body-that is what an emotion truly is, and they cant really be separated. That’s why we call it a feeling-because we feel emotions in our bodies. For many it seems to be like a pressure in the chest or in their throat.


Saturn, Venus, Ketu, 3,8,12 houses and lords are responsible for loneliness.

Planet of loneliness is Saturn.Saturn means lack of something. Loneliness can occur due to lack of friendship /social contacts.

Venus means love. Loneliness can occur in situations like the feeling of love cannot be given or received.

Ketu is the planet of detachment, hence it can cause loneliness.

3rd House rules loneliness because it is 12th from 4th house. ( 4th house rules friends, family, home, mother land etc and 12th means loss). So if a person is away from home, family ,motherland, he is likely to be lonely. Also 3rd house rules your thought process-how you think and communicate. 3rd house rules your relationships with friends, siblings, neigbhour’s etc. ( don’t get confused with 7th house which rules committed relationships and business partnership )

8th House rules loneliness because it is linked with sadness, depression, stress etc.

12th House also rules loneliness.

When lords of 3,8,12 houses are afflicting the houses of 1,4,9 or their lords, they are likely to cause loneliness.

1st house represent self esteem, personality etc. Low self esteem can cause loneliness.

The reason for internal loneliness is your personality factor. 4th house is General happiness. 9th house is your horizons of your mind ,personal growth etc.


Astrologers agree that Saturn is the Planet of loneliness or planet of lacking, worries, problems etc.. Traditional astrology consider Saturn to be Malefic ( Bad) because it is associated with problems, loneliness, depression etc.

Problems are like washing machines, they twist us, spin us and knock us around. But we come out cleaner,brighter and better than before. If you want a strong knife you must put it to the grind stone. If you want a strong character, you must go through test and difficulties( life grind stone).

Difficulties give us the opportunity to develop character and strength. So is Saturn really Malefic ( Bad)??

My philosophy is that it is the choices the person makes with regard to their planetary influences that determines good, bad or neutral. For example, Saturn may present a certain difficulty in a person’s chart. That person can choose to give up and become a failure or to overcome and become a success. The planet presents the circumstances and options, and the person makes the choices.
Personally I don’t like to mention Saturn a Melefic ( Bad) –papa graham
Also I don’t like to mention planets like Jupiter to be called Benefic ( good). This is my personal philosophy .It is true, that benefic planets are often associated with little or no difficulties. But I don’t consider this to be good( Benefic). Too much ease in a chart never gives the person the character development he or she needs. For example , a rich kid who has everything given to him from birth on, and grows up to be incapable of doing anything worth while.


Doctors agree that loneliness is a silent killer and it is 100% true. But on the other hand, loneliness has positive effects too. It can lead to to notable artistic and creative expression . It also boosts your concentration. This is not to imply that loneliness itself ensures the creativity and concentration, rather it may have an influence on the subject matter of the artist and more likely be present in individuals engaged in creative activities. The loneliest people are the KINDEST . They are the BRIGHTEST. All because they don’t wish to see any one else suffer the way they do. But the choice is yours- how you deal with the situations. Major part of the day, I used to pass in lonely places sitting alone for hours. Had almost no one to talk to. Well, I had people to talk to, but talks only related to works, studies etc. But I am not surrounded by wrong people. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world. Yes, I consider myself close to only a few, it isn’t because I don’t know how to make friends. As we grow up we realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have Real Ones.

Loneliness can be categorized in to 3 types according to its cause.
1) Temporary Loneliness : Most common type. Disappears quickly. No special attention required.
2) Situational Loneliness : It is a result of loneliness due to a particular situation. Eg; death of a loved one, moving to a new place. It doesn’t last more than one year.
3) Chronic Loneliness : Most severe type. It has no specific cause. They think there is little or nothing they can do to improve their condition.

Mental Health : Loneliness is linked with depression and is thus a risk factor for suicide, alcoholism, self destructive behavior etc. Loneliness also has a negative impact on learning and memory and sleeplessness.(insomnia)
Physical Health : Loneliness is shown to increase the concentration of stress hormone CORTISOL levels in the body. Prolonged high Cortisol levels can cause anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease , sleep problems and weight gain.

1) Saturn and Ketu are natural Karaka for loneliness. So try to propitiating them.
2) Find out who is causing loneliness-lord of 3rd, 8th or 12th. Try propitiating them.
3) If you are wearing blue sapphire, cats eye or other gemstones related to Saturn , ketu or lords of 3, 8 or 12, remove them ,unless you are really sure they are good for you.
4) Never wear any Kavach, yantra etc with out being sure.
5) Mantras are safe and best .
6) The devotion to Almight God is the best propitiating method, I believe. Krishna needs only true devotion from his devotees. So if you have no money to try various remedial measures, try only Devotion towards God through sincere prayer and mantras.

The following herbs reduce anxiety, fast heart beat, calm nerves and reduce depression. They also have other health benefits.
You can use herb as a tea or as a supplement. Whether you choose tea or as a supplement, make sure to check the quality of your source. For the best effect, it should be organic.
1) Hawthron herb : This herb contains a component called Proanthocyanidin. This relaxes the blood vessels further from heart and also it cures hardening of arteries ( atherosclerosis) and high cholesterol. This herb is used to treat both hyper tension as well as hypotension.
2) Rose petals : steep a table spoon of rosepetals in cup of water for 5min and drink it. Rose petals can calm nerves, depression, relieve insomnia.
3) Lemon Balm herb : This herb contains chemicals that seem to have a sedative and calming effect.
4) Rosemary herb : This herb is high source of vitamin B6 and calcium . It also contains a component called Carnosic Acid which is able to fight off free radical damage in the brain.
5) Motherwort herb : This herb is also used to treat irregular heart beat, fast heart beat and heart symptoms due to anxiety.

Mudras start electromagnetic currents within the body which balance various constituting elements and restore health. Lotus Mudra helps you to release tension and enhances fire element in the body.

Lotus Mudra : Please your hands in a prayer, bring the base of the palms together at the heart center, touching the thumbs and pinky fingers together ,spread the rest of the fingers out like the lotus flower opening toward the sunlight. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale slowly. While inhale imagine you lift the flower from your heart up to the third eye ( forehead) and when exhale, slowly imagine you bring flower back to heart center . Continue this for as long as you can.

Pranayama is releated to breath. It is a breathing exercise which plays an important role to reduce stress and depression. In Sanskrit “ Pran” means Breath and “ Ayama” means Control. Anulom Vilom Pranayama is an excellent pranayama which releases stress, anxiety and depression.
Anulom Vilom Pranayama : You may sit in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana. But if you can not sit on flat ground, you can sit on chair, because pranayama is related to the breath. Now close left nostril with middle finger and ringer finer and breathe out from right nostril. Then breathe in deeply with right nostril and then close right nostril and breathe out deeply with left nostril. Do this repetition. Keep in mind that your breathing should be up to the lungs and not in the stomach.

The simple “Hare Krishna” mantra or any mantra as per your religion will fill your heart with deep inner contentment and happiness.
The sound vibration of Hare Krishna mantra is transcendental and raised our consciousness from the material to the spiritual.
Chanting instantly connect us to God. As our heart connect to the divine names of the lord, we bathe in the warmth of God’s love. Our hearts are no longer vacant. Our heart will be then flooded with krishnas’s love. That fills our heart with compassion and love. When we experience love, through connection to God,we can give love to others. In giving love to others , we also receive love from them.
The more you chant mantras the more you get connected and your mind wouldn’t conjure any feelings of loneliness. If we are connected to God, we know we are alone in our sojourn in this world but don’t feel lonely, we happily connect with all souls from a deeper spiritual level of connection to God.

If you feel you are lonely ( because loneliness is the perception of being alone), try to make high quality relationships with a few people. This will provide more happiness. Don’t share with every one, that you are lonely, they will exploit you. The stresses and challenges of life are more easily endured if we can share them with some one in whom we can confide and trust. There are people who seek some private time for a part of a day, it would be wrong to take it as loneliness. The reason to help lonely people is because they are unhappy and unable to sociali

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Disclaimer: All information and results stated in this website are for information purposes only. The information is not specific medical advice for any individual. The content of this website should not substitute medical advice from a health professional. If you have a health problem, speak to your doctor or a health professional immediately about your condition.
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