Oxidation is a double sword.

You get energy from the Food. Thanks to oxidation. But it also produces Free Radicals. Free Radicals scevenge the body and take electrons from the cells.  Free Radicals are not completely bad, but most of the cases, free radicals will be more than the antioxidants in our body. This situation is called Oxidative Stress. This is very harmful. If we have enough antioxidants in our body, it will give away electrons to the free radicals and detoxify it. 

We dont know how much free radicals will be produced and how much antioxidant storage is needed . Our strategy should be to increase Antioxidant levels in  the body. 

Exercise will increase Free Radicals.( I leave this for discussion in my next blog.). This is not an excuse for you not to go to Gym or doing Surya Namaskars. If you do exercise regularly it will increase anti oxidants in the body which will detoxify free radicals.  So your strategy should be to regular exercise atleast 2 times a day.  Dont go behind calories. Do Surya Namaskars. Very heart protective , good for facial glow -good for teenagers( I leave this for discussion in my next blog ). 

Focus only on Antioxidants. And yes, regular exercise will boost up your Antioxidant level. If you have high antioxidants they will deactivate free radicals before they attack.

In Vedic Astrology also, if there is a planet influencing us adversely, we are not going to do anything to that planet. We go for his anti gem ( anti gem therapy) which will overcome the adversity.



This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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