There is no substance of major medical benefit that doesn’t also carry the risk of undesirable side effects .This is the fact of medical life that should never be forgotten.

DNA contains four bases-guanine,adenine,thymine and cytosine-and it is the order of these along the DNA chain that is the genetic code.

Dr Podmore’s research-University of Leicester measured the amounts of guanine and adenine that had been damaged by oxidation. Thirty healthy volunteers were given 500 mg Vitamin C capsules everyday and the levels of Oxidized guanine and adenine were measured. As might be expected, the levels of oxidized guanine did fall.   But the level of oxidized adenine actually rose.

After stopping Vitamin Dosage, the levels of both of guanine and adenine fell back to normal with in seven weeks. DNA is being attacked all the time by free radicals and is consistently being repaired. Evidence shows that Vitamin C supplement apparently increase oxidative damage to one of the four bases of DNA  is puzzling. Should we conclude from this that vitamin c supplement can be harmful. At this stage we cannot answer this question.

Thin Bottom Line:

Deficiency of Vitamin C can be prevented by eating plenty of fresh citrus fruits like limes, lemons, oranges. The cheapest sources of Vitamin C in India are Indian Gooseberries, germinated cereals, grains and pulses, drum stick leaves, coriander leaves etc.

Use Vitamin C  supplements only for a limited period or during emergency.


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