According to my informal research and experience I gained working with different companies , all the bosses ( small or big alike ), ask me, umesh, what is competitors doing? please check their prices   so we can  undercut. If price is the only factor that drove sales, why we need a sales person. It is not because the sales persons are incapable, the management system wont allow them to be creative. Because the management is afraid whether the sales person will go beyond the corporate world. 

Let me explain. When you work in a factory/company- the Reliability refers to  products you are selling and factory is responsible for the quality product.

But dependability refers to the sales person who is selling the product.

In other words, Reliability refers to products and dependability refers to people which means products should be reliable and people should be dependable.

Factory certifications or audit  passed is useless., if your sales people are not dependable, 

For example, if i buy an item for USD 10, what is the ten percent of USD 10? It is USD 1. If you cheat me for USD 10,  i  am not going to go brankrupt as I can easily sustain the loss. However if I buy an item for USD 10 million, I would rater pay USD 1 million extra to protect my USD 10 million,than save a million and risk the entire amount. 

In my own experience, I am Fountain pen enthusiast, so when I purchase pen, and special inks I use to buy it from Branded store -and I phone call my preferred sales person there to be available at the time of purchase.  Because that particular sales person will help me choose correct nib size, ink flow, color of ink etc.,Also in shopping malls, i prefer both the Brand of the Shop and also the quality of the Sales person there.

Research shows that people are willing to pay up to 10-15 percent price differential with out a second thought for three words- Quality, Reliability and Dependability.

God Bless ! Love you..


This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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