If  I’m asked-Umesh , which type of article writing is most toughest for you- wisdom,astrology, branding , health, marketing… I would say-writing articles on MOTIVATION is the most toughest one for me ( I repeat FOR ME not for every one ).

If you studied a subject you can write down about it. But Motivation comes from thoughts only. Or it is a fire inside a writer.. For this I have to keep on adding fuel or it dies out. Motivation is really the spirit in the person. It is the fuel in the car that starts the engine. Most people don’t take the time to find out what motivates them.They have no goal to strive ,nor any benchmarks of values either.

For writing articles on Motivation I should feed my mind with positive thoughts on daily basis. Then only I would be able to motivate myself and motivate others who ever comes to me. Just as a flower, it gives its fragrance whoever comes near to it. It is unconditional love.You can only give what you have in life. If you dont have motivation within yourself, how can you practice it with some one else.

You can get motivated by positive rewards ., or you can also get motivated to avoid negative consequences.  Some people run fast to win a race. Some people run even faster if a dog is chasing them. You may change job to get higher salary. Some people change job to get a better job security.

Both Pain and Pleasure is a strong motivation not only in sales but also among employees.

Brand strategist has to motivate the prospect to purchase. He can use both pain and pleasure in motivation

First let me come to the sales point of view. Some people buy expensive things that they cannot even offer, only to avoid the pain-the feeling of insecurity.( insurance policies etc)

Some buy expensive things ( cars, jewels etc) only for pleasure or prestige reason, whether they can afford it or not.

They are satisfying a need that raised from inadequate self esteem.

The needs converts in to wants and then in turn the wants convert in to needs.

That is the reason I said-the desire to avoid pain can be a very strong motivator. ( BOTH IN SALES AND EMPLOYEE JOB CHANGES.

We  know some people change jobs more often. Some people force themselves to stick it out on their job they hate. People are different. My Question to  bosses. Have they ever motivated their employees?. Have they given any feeling of security to their employees.? I agreed, there will be always a feeling of insecurity in  jobs. And with due respect to jobs ,i wish to say any jobs will make u tied up,If the Bosses are not providing feeling of security to the employees,then  what is wrong in a employee if he changes job for security reasons. If the employee is accepted world wide by other companies it is  because they are successful. I hope this message will motivate new generation Bosses to give a feeling of security as a motivation factor  to new job aspirants.  Both Wealth and Wisdom starts with alphabet “W”.  But there is subtle difference. Wisdom will be always with you.Wealth can be accumulated through wisdom. Wisdom can be gained only through experience and not wealth.So, if you are wise then  ultimately you will have wealth but the vice versa is not true. You have high potential with you. . Rise awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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