Death is the last problem that you have to deal with while you are still in some relationship with life. Death affords a solution to our problems. If  you were to meet your death now then a certain freedom would be experienced. Death of disease is healing. So death is a blessing and a best friend,


One can drive dedicatively, one can write dedicatively, one can do his work dedicatively, one can love dedicatively,the quality is so definitely different that when you know it you see the difference, each act becomes a deep relaxation, it is no longer tense, your work is no longer worry., and if a man can work with out tension, his work becomes” play” – an enjoyment.That is the power of Dedication. Then Dedication becomes your Meditation


You need to go behind God to Love Him. God need not to be loved .God will love and take care of you, you start loving the Creation of the Creator, then Creator will start loving you the way you want to be Loved and Cared. Start loving creation from your Home. First love your Parents, Love your Spouse, Girl/boy friend or any other forms of creation who needs your support and love. There is a difference between People who Loved God and People who God Loves,