But power of Maya will bind us down.  A rich Father whose monthly income USD 5000 spends to buy a iPhone worth $1000 for his child. A poor Father whose monthy income less than USD 300 spends $ 200 to buy a smart phone for his child… The Maya-Illiussion -Outer world will congratulate the father -only who gifted a iPhone to his child , No body will mind the poor father who spend more than half of his income to purchase a smart phone

COVID 19 & CORONA,- Numerology analysis

COVID 19 & CORONA,- Numerology analysis

Now let us analyze COVID 19 and CORONA based on numerology ( Chaldean)

C O V I D 1 9 = We will get name value 40 or vibrations of sound 40 which is threateningly inauspicious.

C O R O N A = We will get name value 25, or vibrations of sound 25, This number indicates that though there will be struggles and difficulties, in the beginning, success will be indicated thereafter.

Numbers Vs Horoscope.

Two different persons called by the same name, same date of birth, can have different life maps. The reason is for the first person his name value number may be linking number or belongs to the planet who is yoga karaka as per his horoscope and he will be with full success. In the case of another person, the same planet may be the death-inflicting planet and the name value in that number will only be too dangerous.



This person was attacked with vitiligo at the age of 60 during his Saturn’s Maha Dasha

Mark, it is saturnine age.
Saturn is aspecting Venus. Venus is lagna lord.  ( Venus is your body look, Saturn is ugly look)
Mercury is conjoined with Ketu.( Mercury is your Skin beauty, Ketu is Multicolor).
8th lord -king of malefics is aspecting facial zone ( 2nd house). Here the 8th lord is Jupiter and for this lagna, he is also BhadhakaSthanadhipathi. This is the astrological reason behind the vitiligo for the above person.