In Medical Diagnosis, high troponin levels may be a sign of heat attack. Same way in astrological diagnosis, if a female native is born in Taurus or Libra Lagna and Saturn Thirmsamsas, it indicates the native is highly vulnerable to loss of husband by death.

The particular lagna is taken for case study
Libra 5 degree 39 minutes
So Saturn becomes the Thrimsamsa lord
The native lost her husband at a younger age in car accident few years after marriage. This justifies the astrological dictum of Saturn Thrimsamsa rising with Taurus or Libra Lagna.
To  offset such problems the spouse longevity to be checked. This is to insure woman against such contingency
For Taurus and Libra lagna girls, Venus,Mercury and Jupiter Thrimsamsas are problem free and rewarding
When an affliction is pointed out, it is done with a view to help the native involved to avoid a danger. Because a chart has a certain affliction it doesn’t mean it is an absolute truth. Rather it is a warning to be careful.

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