I got a negative feedback from a Krishna Devotee against my article SPIRITUALITY & ILLUSSION saying that I am insulting Devotees. I see God in each and everything and even this blog is exactly me and I am seeing God in it and I see God also in the devotee who complainted me about my article and so I apologise to that devotee if my blog article hurt their feelings.

I hope this article will enlighten them to the next level.

In Vedanta also there are 2 concepts

Anatma is exactly what I said illussion. This is higly powerful not to be under estimated. We are all going behind this illusiion whether it is Job, People, Love,Sex, Money, Fame, Position, Power -everything comes under this Maya. Even Marriage , Friendship,Business alliance comes under Maya’s Control.
Vedic people call it as Mitya or Vyavaharika Satya

Atma is Correct-Satya
All else is only appearance-illussion.

Another example is. As we know WAVE and WATER are both essentially H20 -WATER.
But Waves keep appearing endlessly and are different sizes and colors etc. But they come from the same ocean and cannot exist independently. And they are two forms of the same Water. But WATER is only Satya. Wave and Ocean is mere appearance-Maya-Illussion.
Samilarly Atma Chaitnya ( ie You) alone is Satya.
Paranamatma and Jivatma are to be seen as Ocean and Water only. They are just illussion.

The entire Universe is Ishwara Sarira and is revealed to Arjuna in Visvaroopa Darsana

Parama and Jiva are bound by Upadhi. Parama is ” Ishwara Upadhi” and Jiva is ” Sarira Upadhi” and this makes the one atma appears as seperate.

So the Major issue here is Stand Point. The devotees should remember the stand point. My stand point and your stand point might be slight different. Let me explain.
If you view from Jiva’s Stand point, and as a devotee when you worship Iswarya ( any form of God), difference exist between the two.
If you view from Atma Stand point, then Paramatma is non-different from the atma -the worshipper.

The highest truth is that even this Prapacham ( universe) it doent not exist always, although it is created and supported by Brahman and also attains laya in Brahman. It is subject to change. Evety thing is subject to change.
This Prapancham( universe) is Satya -only to one who is not realised.
But realised souls continue to live in this world and know Prapancham( universe) as non existent
In my previous article i said, I hate Spirituality. It only means as i see many spiritual people and they teach to see God as external object. Actually God is with in us. So take it from Atma Stand point NOT Jiva stand point.
God is also there in Intangible things, not just tangible.
What ever name of God you may call. if your inner visualization is not good, what change you can bring to others,
When I speak with many devotees, just for 5 min, my energy gets dragged down due to their sharp words, way of talking, body language etc. If they are real spiritually energized people, if u see their face of 1 min, you too will get uplifted to the higher energy levels. Example : Swami Vivekanandha
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