Illusion is more powerful in this material world. In astrology also Arudha chakra has to be analysed before Rasi chakra , because Arudha represents illussion.  We are living in the world of Illussion-Maya.

We know in comparison between Water & Gold, we cannot live with out a single day with out Water.But which is costly, Gold only- Not water. That is the power of Maya-Illussion.

Some people like Dark Chocolate. Some like Milk Chocolate. If it is the chocolate giving happiness, then it should give happiness to every one. So it is just perception of mind, not the food that gives you happiness. So spiritual people should be emotionally detached to the food, dress etc. Most of time, they remain detached to Romance and Sex. saying it is useless, but they could not avoid deepest interest in food. I tink it is due to Nuroplasticity. If one remains detached to sex for long period of time, then your brain cells are not likely to get that arousal,not even romance. But being food we eat on daily basis we are bound to get attracted to it. Also some body ailments can remain you detached from romance and sex.  And that is not the case of food. So I assume remaining emotinally detached to foods and dress is more tougher than remaining detached to roamance and sex.

And most of the so called spiritually inclined people have a good job, regular income, retired executives, 65+ aged group. I have not seen a spritually inclined person who is in abject poverty.

And I believe True Spirituality is not praying to the God. Prayer is a personal choice. I am not against prayer,Seeing God in everything-both living and non living-Tangible and Intangible-that is spirituality.

But power of Maya will bind us down.  A rich Father whose monthly income USD 5000 spends to buy a iPhone worth $1000 for his child. A poor Father whose monthy income less than USD 300 spends $ 200 to buy a smart phone for his child… The Maya-Illiussion -Outer world will congratulate the father -only who gifted a iPhone to his child , No body will mind the poor father who spend more than half of his income to purchase a smart phone for his child. That is the power of illussion.The same thing in charity .. Rich people will spends millions and only they will be congratulated and there names will come on Office Boards
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