Spiritual leaders reject Astrology saying it is useless.

But Spritual leaders should reach Brahman -to the position of SUPREME BEING – Not even Gods- to remain unaffected by Planets. Even Gods are struggling to reach Brahman. For Brahman-Supreme Being- there is no past-present- future. He is every where, and in each and everything is he and he is in past-present and future all at  the same time. But our analytical brain ( 1+1=2) can not understand this concept. For normal human beings including spiritual leaders, they might have reached the position of Gods but not Supreme Being. Even Gods are affected by Planets. Our brains are not capable to understand the concept of vedanta or Supreme Being., What we understand is Gods are not Supreme Being. And astrology is applicable to all except Supreme Being. Being said Gods act as a link to Supreme Being and can protect you from afflictions in your birth chart,
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