Saturn -Retrograde

Retrograde Saturn, Good or Bad?


In  traditional  astrology,  when  saturn is  retrograde, it will give very bad results.True. But it will also act like yogakaraka. That means, the native will reach to very high position during Saturn mahadasa. Some times, this Saturn can also kill him during that dasa. But it will give extremely beneficial results during its dasa.

Please refer chart below.

Aries= Ascendant, Mars

Gemini = Me, Ke, Su


Virgo= Jup

Scorpio= Sat( R )

Sagittarius = Ra

Capricorn= Moon

The above chart is that of a Union Cabinet Minister and worked close to PM.

His Saturn is in 8th House. And Saturn is Retrograde. During Saturn Mahadasa, he rose to the position of Union Cabinet Minister .
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