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Medical men never agree astrology, Medical science put forward so many theories regarding the appearance of a disease. They talk of family incidence, age, sex, individual susceptibility etc and when a person having all these predisposing factors escapes a disease, they come forth with the explanation that the individual has got good “resistance” to the disease. After all what is this susceptibility and resistance? And how this resistance develops in a man? Some people fill themselves with multivitamins and yet are susceptible to ordinary sneeze and get cold immediately. That proves, merely vitamin intake will not help a man to become resistant to diseases. Then how do you explain this “resistance to diseases” . Astrology will provide an answer to this. It is the inherent strength of the horoscope that gives a man this “resistance to disease”. Horoscope is a very potential instrument for the diagnosis of diseases as well as for taking preventive well in time. I don’t mean that we should disregard medical system in preference to horoscope. But we can certainly make use of horoscope also. There are doctors who studied degrees in Ayurveda and Allopathy. Why not Medicine and Astrology mixed ?? I am giving my views before you as a Naturopath and astrologer.


1) Lagna is the most important factor. Lagna should be strong and well aspected for sound health. Lagna lord and Karaka should also be checked.
2) A malefic in the 6th house,3rd house or 11th house is a string point in a horosocope. It will give good health
3) A benefic ( Jupiter) in 8th house can confer longer life but will cause tendency for chronic disease.
4) A Malefic ( Saturn) in 8th house can confer long life.
5) Benefics in Trikona ( 1-5-9) confer sound health.

Every particle of matter in the universe is not only constantly moving but also constantly vibrating, A very simple example is that when you see a stranger/or shake hands … you are favourably or  ortherwise affected by his very appearance.  This is  because the person you come in contact with ,is vibrating in tune or out of tune,with you.This is where we tap the resources of Preventive astrology.  -which mainly deals with preventing the bad influence of certain planets by various means such as  proper medical check ups in advance, Mantra, Trantras etc.

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This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

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