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Death may be so sad, but it happens.
And death may be distressing for families of the dead. But death is a blessing for the people who suffer from chronic pain.
Dying perhaps trigger a flood of endorphins and it should be an intense excitement and happiness for the dead.

In predicting death in astrology ( I never do) following counter factors should be considered before predicting death. And if the prediction is done, it should be only with an intention to protect the native and should not be for money or marketing.
1) The aspect of Strong Jupiter
2) Aspect of Venus
3) Aspect of Mercury
4) Aspect of sukhla paksha moon
All these will work as counter factors and save the native from death.
5) Disease combination factors shown in drekkana, D6, and Ashtakavarga charts should be checked carefully. Just reading the Rashi chart is not enough to predict death and to take precautions.

Even when the time of death is predicted, there may be some intricate points to protect the native from death.

If there is a following combination in the horoscope, then even if the native is almost declared dead, he will come back alive to live for long with wealth,though poor.

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