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Social Media or Your Boss motivation is two sides of the same coin. It is a short lived reign.

But we need motivation at all times.

There are 2 types of Motivation.

  1. External Motivation
  2. Internal Motivation

External Motivation : Here external source is necessary for you to get motivated. And the Key of your energy levels which you get from motivation is in the hands of the person who motivates you.

Example 1: Your Spouse or lover can be a motivator. But the same lover or spouse can also become your motivator in one time or the other.

Example 2: Your Boss, when praises you,you get motivated, right ? But the same boss will get angry when you request a salary increase or may simply reject you at one time or another. So don’t consider him as your motivator. You are doing your hard work for which you are being paid. You can have a sincere relationship with ur boss. But not as your motivator . 

Example 3: You like food say BIRIYANI. If you eat this continuously for so many days, you dislike it. Is it fault of the Biriyani.  No. The happiness is not coming from external object. The happiness comes from innerself and Biriyani ( external source ) is just an excuse .

Example 4: You love your long black hair. Because it is soft smooth and looks beautiful and you get motivated seeing ur hair. But think about Hair Loss–natural aging process. The same hair is going to demotivate you.

Example 4: The Social media platform can shut down  or block you any time. The motivation from social media platform is short lived reign.These platforms are controlled by private entities. You can lose your control on these platforms at one time or the another. I lost my google plus profile and posts, ( which was a free website-domain was hosted in Italy), they shut down andi  lost my website contents.It was free…But there was about 100 articles loaded on it. – the blog name was ( astrology for healing and growth)


Internal Motivation: Here no external source is needed for your motivation. You are developing your own thoughts, knowledge, wisdom and motivating yourself. When you focus on internal motivation, you get tapped in to unknown potentials and energy sources with in you.


Thin Bottom line : If You are internally motivated nothing will dampen your spirits.


This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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