New Method of Examining Financial Prospects ( Wealth/Dhana Lagna-DL)

New Method of Examining Financial Prospects ( Wealth/Dhana Lagna-DL)


Sloka 27, Chapter 4 of Uttarakalamrita gives some clues , where Kalidasa states, The figures 30,16,6,8,10,12 and 1 denote the Kalas of the seven planets from the Sun on wards. Sum up the Kalas of the lords of 9th Bhava counted from Lagna and the Moon. Divide this Sum by 12. The rasi recokoned from the Moon indicated by this remainder, when occupied by an auspicious planet singly with out the association of any malefic, will raise the man concerned to the status of Koteswara( Very Rich). If by a Malefic only, his wealth will be in thousands. When this Malefic happens to be in an exalted position then also the native will be a Koteswara( Very Rich).


Kalas are divisions with in a whole. It is soul of Kalapurusha that influences us. Each planet has specific Kalas.

The seven Planets are given the following Kalas ( rays) or root numbers.

Sun =30

Moon= 16

Mars= 6


Jupiter= 10

Venus = 12


Here I give below an example of a person ( name withheld) who is an extremely rich entrepreneur having offices in India and abroad.

His Chart is given below.

Taurus- Ascendant.

Ketu- Taurus- Asdt

Jup and Ven- Leo ,

Sun and Mer- Virgo

Sat and Rahu- Scorpio

Moon- Sagittarius

Mars- Aqaurius


Let us check his wealth lagna.

Step 1:

Lord of 9th from Ascendant = Saturn= 1 Kala

Step 2 :

Lord of 9th from Moon = Sun = 30 Kalas

Step 3 :

Total Kalas = 31

Step 4 :

Divide 31 by 12 we get reminder 7

Step 5

Count 7 signs from Moon we get Gemini as Wealth Ascendant

Step 6

Check the position of Wealth Ascendant. We can find Benefic Moon aspecting Wealth Ascendant, therefore the native is very affluent.


Hope this is a very simple method to check the wealth ascendant. If wealth asdt is aspected by malefic, such natives should take extra care when dealing in business,credit terms etc,. They have to develop a dedicated strategy to achieve success , that is all.  Hard work and dedication will definitely bring beneficial results.























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