According to Vedanta mind is not part of brain. It is consciousness But human brain being an analytical So we will stick to Mind as Brain and thoughts are electrochemical events with physiological consequences.

MIND IS NOT TO BE CONTROLLED. It is not designed to be controlled. It has to WANDER . Make it intentional ( not while driving!).

How conscious are we of our thoughts and the effects they have on us and others are important. On average 30,000 to 40,000 thoughts or more one can produce in a day depending on profession , type of job and state of mind. A large percentage of our thoughts are about all we see,hear, smell ,feel etc. They are triggered by our senses.

Apart from positive and negative thoughts,there are Waste thoughts( Past thoughts) and Necessary thoughts( eg What is the password of my gmail account etc).Out of these 4 thoughts, one single negative thought appearing in mind repeatedly can cause depression or panic attack.

Human beings have a built in biological response to perceived danger-Fight or Flight response. Whenever we try something new, if it falls outside the limits of our comfort zone,we feel uncomfortable,succumb to fear-start producing Stress hormones. Chronic release of these hormones brings pathological change in target organs of the body through Psycho-Neuro-Immunological Axis (PNI). Stress can stimulate CRH,ACTH,GHRH,hGH,TRH & TSH. So the power of stress should not be underestimated. It is very dangerous ( may be more dangerous than Heart attack because stress is capable to give heart attack)

In Astrology Lagna, Moon and Mercury governs Mental and Psychological health. If all the three viz Lagna, Moon and Mercury are afflicted ( D1, D9 etc), it is said to reject such charts before marriage matching etc. If Heart line also ends in middle finger, it aggravates the above astrological issue.

When an affliction is pointed out, it is done with a view to help the native involved to avoid a danger. Because a chart has a certain affliction it doesn’t mean it is an absolute truth. Rather it is a warning to be careful.

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