First of all , the power of Female should not be underestimated. Upanishads also give best and highest honors not to a man but to woman. Consider Director General of Education , it is held by Saraswathi -the goddess of learning. Out of 33 crores of Devatas only a woman is selected for this enviable post. Take the Money Power. It has been granted to a Woman and Lakshmi holds this enviable post . About Power / Law and Order, the Director General law and order is Parvathi or Durga-the spouse of Siva and Goddess of destruction.

Upanishads also give preference to mother as against father. They say, Matru Devo Bhava. Then comes father Pitru Devo Bhava. The debt to the father is cleared by doing death ceremonies.. But the debt to the mother will not be cleared till a man renounces the world and falls on her feet.

In Romance also , girl is given auspicious side. Upanishads prefers Girl to hang out on the right side of the man indicating the girl to be in more powerful position ( right side is considered more auspicious and powerful)

And women are now advancing rapidly.
There are Women bad in Morality but otherwise respectful and agreeable in behavior.
There are some others who are Moral Gems but disrespectful and quarrelsome in behavior.
Law and order system is more protective to women especially in India. ( This is good only, I am not saying it bad because it gives protection to my families as well.). Unfortunately No protection is there to Men. So men has to be careful while dealing with women. So it is better to consider individual planetary positions first before doing marriage matching or a business alliance( partnership etc)

The native may be Religious Devotee or Spiritually inclined person, these may be outward characteristic only that we see and may create a Maya or illusion. We have to judge based on Palm Reading or Horoscope only. Check the position of Lagna ( Soul), Moon ( Ruling the Mind) and Mercury ( Ruling communication and intellect), if all these are afflicted, it is better to keep away from such individual. No need to proceed horoscope checking ..Should NOT conclude any business partnership dealing with them as well. Adding fuel to the fire, if affliction is centering Moon from Mars, then such an individual will be very harsh and violent in speech. It will create more havoc than moon Saturn affliction which is usually/generally considered as Culprit.
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