The important planets for Business administrations are Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

Mercury is a business planet. It  represents your negotiation skills, Presentations ( power point, excel sheet etc). With out negotiations skills , it is difficult to do good business.

Sun stands for good will and recognition( Your brand image, Company audits, Certificates, Testimonials etc). With out Goodwill and recognition, customer’s wont take a buying decision even if your prices are rock bottom.

Saturn stands for Hardwork and patience. No business can thrive with out hardwork.

Jupiter stands for Money, Wealth, Honesty and Divine Grace . If  a person starts business with a weak Jupiter, he will lose his big investment and become a pauper and cannot get back even his capital. I insist astrologers to check the position of Jupiter both in Horoscope and Palm before they conclude the strength of Jupiter.

Mars stands for Courage. With out courage success in life is always doubtful. Courage makes a man powerful. Person feels like doing things his own way. He has some good ideas to take the things forward. Some times there ideas are rejected. Sometimes the things don’t go like these individuals would’ve wanted. This is when they start feeling dissatisfied and because of aggression and courage that man offers, such people would kick off job rather than compromising.

Let us see this chart of an excellent business man-KK Birla.

Ascendant, Sun, Venus Libra
Mercury, Rahu Scorpio
Mars Sagittarius
Moon Capricorn
Ketu Taurus
Jupiter Gemini
Saturn Leo


Here in the above horoscope, Saturn becomes Yogakaraka and is transiting in 11th house. Saturn is the planet of Karma ( Activity you are involved in). In the same direction of Saturn rises Mars. ( Leo and Mars are in Fire signs signifying East direction). Mars is aspecting the Jupiter. Jupiter will provide results according to the sign he transits and aspects he receives. Jupiter is in 9th house.Jupiter aspects 11th lord,2nd lord, 1st lord and 7th lords. Mars is aspecting 10th house of profession. Saturn is aspected by Jupiter so the native will be wedded to his work. We can find an aspect Saturn Sun in the above horoscope. Though it is not good for parent son relationship, it certainly brings the native to the limelight.. He became biggest industrialist of the country.


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