To   become  an   entrepreneur or to  be  successful in Marketing , the  most  important  quality  that  you need is  “  Courage  and Confidence”.  In  Astrology Planet Mars rules  Courage  and  Confidence. The other qualities of  Mars are Energy, administrative skills and determination.


Becoming  an  entrepreneur  after  leaving a job is n’t easy, but  leaving job to become  an entrepreneur is often tougher psychologically…. When you must abandon a safe harbor for the high seas of being your own, it is more difficult.


Mars governs Surgery,technical and engineering fields also.  It is found that Good surgeons, Police officers, Military officers etc all have the good position of Mars in their Horoscopes.


Fire is the element of Mars.


Mars heat energy is very destructive. Mars and Sun are hot planets. But the heat from the Sun is necessary for sustaining life on earth, but heat from Mars is destructive. That is why Mars is called Malefic Planet.


Mars  energy  is  responsible  for accidents and wars on the earth.


Mars is a Yogakarak planet  for Cancer and Leo Ascendants.  It provides prosperity  and  wealth for Cancer and Leo Ascendants.


Mars is a Defense Minister in Solar System.

Mars  in  Ascendant makes the person look young.


If  Mars is posited adversely it  gives aggression and anger and creates hurdles in life.



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