According to Vedic astrology Saturn is responsible for life span and in birth chart 8th house decides one’s longevity. 

According to medical research , Living long may just be due to gut feeling. Research on fruitflies  shows that their longevity may depend on the gut microbiota. Fruitflies fed with a combination of probiotics and a herbal supplement were able to live 60% longer than average.

In an average life time, around 60 tonnes of food pass through the human GI tract( gastrointestinal tract). The development of the microbiota is generally believed to begin from birth. After birth GI tract rapidly colonised. Current research suggests that diet exerts  a large effect on the gut microbiota. More than 90% of your immune health depends on gut health. Fasting will increase gut health and longevity

If a horoscope doesn’t  shows a long life, an astrologer can recommend their clients to improve gut health. 

Visiting CHOTTANIKKARA DEVI TEMPLE regularly and using Devi mahamaya’s  Alas(ഏലസ്  )will protect one from accidents.

The website of the temple is given below. So devotees can visit the temple site for more information.


This devi has the power to dispel the ill effects of Saturn and all the other planets in a horoscope. Even Rahu, Ketu,- highly powerful plantes- will get burn to ashes just with her eyes. So being a devotee of Devi Mahamaya will not only bless you with longevity but also will protect you in your life.



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