Jupiter and Venus are two bright planets in Astrology.They are very strong benefics. The native will rise in life.
But practically, if this combination is with your boss… keep a distance with him. You will not know when he is going to throw you out ! And if such a native is taking independent decisions ( Suppose if he is Chairman or MD of a Company )then he is most likely to end in troubles such as bankrupt etc. (He should have a good team and take a decision based on his team suggestions. This  seems to be a good remedial measure)This is the practical weakness of Jupiter Venus conjunction in any birth charts especially if they are holding high positions. This is not mentioned in text books. But we have seen horoscopes of rich people and found this combination a big tragedy. Thanks to DR AP Parashar for enlightening me on this topic.,

Venus and Jupiter will drag you in two opposite directions. ( Venus is Asura Guru and Jupiter is Deva Guru)
If your friend or boss has this combination, don’t be 100% open to them.  Dont trust them completely. They are bound to react you aggressively at any time. If you sign a contract with such a person, read carefully all the terms,because their thoughts after wards will get dragged away by Jupiter and Venus because these are brightest planets

Traditionally you can say Venus is Exalted in Pisces and Jupiter is the lord.
For Venus Jupiter is neutral but for Jupiter Venus is an enemy.
This may be explained some thing like this… ” A” may not like ” B” but B may not take notice of this and may put up a friendly attitude ,but one thing is seen,that their mutual relationship is not smooth,

When an affliction is pointed out, it is done with a view to help the native involved to avoid a danger. Because a chart has a certain affliction it doesn’t mean it is an absolute truth. Rather it is a warning to be careful.

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