You know, if there is depression, the major symptoms will be, he will think he is no good for the world, that no body is his friend, and that he is unfit for any work. He will feel gloomy and grave.
All of us will feel depressed to some extent at some time or other time. But if this mood swings persist for a longer period. Then it may be a sign of  clinical depression.

Depression is diagnosed by the medical men by knowing the symptom history of the Patient. There are no biomarkers for depression that can be seen on things such as a blood test.
A medical man can tell you how the depression occurs. But he can’t answer why? . A Cardiologist can say how does a heart contract. But he can’t say why does the heart contract? Only ancient wisdom can help you to answer WHY? Science cannot answer WHY. Science can only answer HOW? A Neuro Phycologist and Nobel Laureate CHARLES SCOTT SHERRINGTON said that Science of the west cannot answer why?

Is depression a Brain disorder? : All depressions are not brain disorder.Medical men may say it is brain disorder, because for the west mind is in the Brain. But for the east, mind is outside the brain and is nothing other than consciousness. The human brain is made up of billions of neurons and trillions of synapses. But they can’t even think of a “thought “. The Neurosurgeon WILDER PENFIELD at the end of his life wrote a book stating that Mind is outside the Brain.
Do you love your mother ? father ? Can somebody measure that in any science? So that means your love is unscientific? Science can not measure “ love “ “ thought” or “ consciousness “


Low estrogen or low serotonin can give rise to Depression. Estrogen works with conjunction with Calcium and Vitamin D. So depressed people are most likely to have weaker bones. As Estrogen also regulates glucose, depressed people will have weight gain ( especially around belly). Menopause, Cardiovascular disease etc can give rise to low estrogen levels. Do you know why your lover/friend keeps popping in your thoughts, it is due to Serotonin.Low serotonin can also give rise to depression.Although it is possible to measure the level of serotonin in the blood stream via a serum serotonin level test, it is currently not possible to measure serotonin levels with in the brain. Researchers donot know whether serotonin levels in the blood stream reflect the serotonin levels in the brain. The most popular drug for depression is SSRLs( Selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitors) . This drug will up and up your serotonin signalling in the brain. The major side effect of this is higher the serotonin is that some times it can completely lack ejaculation. Or very very longer period for the same. This will create further depression and moodswings .SSRLs should be your last choice. Another way of saying it: Lower serotonin= depression, Higher serotonin= ejaculation issues. Serotonin is associated with ejaculation in men.There will be no problems like ED ( erectile issues), but cannot ejaculate. This is toughest problem for Man. So unless SSRLs are very necessary for you to keep normal life, don’t take these medications.

FASTING is a very best way to cure depression because when u fast neurotransmitters also change. Actually the Serotonin- the neurotransmitter is mainly found in human digestive system -95% in GI tract . (not in brain-only 5% in brain  ). But in the brain it should be recycled back in to the cell after release by Serotonin transporters, so that it can be broken down and used again. Fasting will help you in this imbalance as it will increase 5 HT Turnover in all brain cells. But SSRLs will block these transporters and serotonin will remain in the synapses between the brain cells and it builds up resulting in more serotonin signalling the brain which is a culprit .

GO FOR OUTING IN BRIGHT SUNLIGHT : Do your outing, and shopping in the noon if possible ( instead of evening ) .For sun protection, use sunglass and sunscreen. Bright Sunlight will also increase 5 HT turnover in all brain cells.

EAT WALNUTS EVERY DAY : Omega 3s are helpful in depression.

ALWAYS KEEP BUSY IN WORK; It is helpful in depression.

KEEP LOVING OTHERS : If you have a boy or girl fiend, or any pets, love them .

VISIT THIS TEMPLE : It is a famous temple in Kerala, India. Take 50 rounds around temple if u r healthy under bright sunlight. So it covers all the benefits: the energy you will get from this GOD from this Temple + Bright sunlight will increase 5 HT turn over in all brain cells. This temple is very very powerful. In my experience this will not only help u in mind and intellect level , it will also protect you from accidents. Just like a umbrella which protects one from sunlight.

EAT DARK CHOCOLATE : It can release feel good hormones in the brain. But select for chocolates which have high cocoa content.. More cocoa in a chocolate, more it can release feel good hormones.

EXERCISE TWO TIMES A DAY & SHUT OUT DIGESTIVE SYSTEM after 4pm : Take only 2 meals per day. Shut down digestive system by evening. This is to keep the digestive system healthy.

MAKE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE WHO SURVIVED DEPRESSION: They can help you and advise you how to overcome depression. According to me they are much more effective than a doctor consultation. Make a online group . And exchange the feelings and knowledge that can help overcome depression with out SSRLs.

DEACTIVATE UNNECESSARY CHAT/GROUPS : Invest you quality time with quality people who can help u in overcoming clinical depression.

The three mental rulers are the Moon, Mercury and Saturn.
Moon is the Karaka ( significator of mind) of Kalapurusha.
Mercury is Intellect.
Saturn is responsible for Melancholy
Affliction to Moon alone is not enough for causing depression. The planet Mercury also should be afflicted. If both moon and mercury is afflicted in a birth chart, then such person is most likely to have mood swings. This is most important part while matching horoscopes. Even if Kundali matching between couples is passed, the moon and mercury in individual chart should remain unafflicted.
Even if Moon and Mercury is not affected, they might get malefic aspect of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn etc during Gochara ( transit). And therefore all of us are insane people to some extent at same time or other time. And that is the reason why every one of us is subject to mood swings. But it is just a passing phase. If that mood swings persist for a longer period then the horoscope of the individual will certainly show an affliction to the Moon and Mercury.

The sign Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius rule our mind and mental structure.

The 3rd and 9th house from the lagna governs our mind and mental structure.

The association of Rahu or Saturn with the Moon and Mercury may give rise to this trouble.

The Presence of Moon in the signs of Saturn ( Capricorn or Aquarius) can give rise to this trouble.

The Mercury in 6th, 8th or 12th afflicted by Rahu, or Saturn give rise to this trouble.

Gem Therapy : Use Red Coral and Moon Stone.

Let us analyse this Live horoscope of a person from a very good family but suffering from clinical depression.
Horoscope- Scorpio-Lagna, Rahu and Mercury
Capricorn = Jupiter and Mars
Pisces = Moon and Saturn
Taurus= Ketu
Libra= Sun and Venus
Mark the moon is associated with Saturn.
Mark the Mercury is also associated with rahu and aspected by Ketu.
This is reason why he is facing depression.

Thin bottom line : Don’t consult any astrologers if you have depression. Because not all astrologers are medical men. Secondly the words that come from astrologer’s prediction WRITING OR TALK can also generate a thought in you. So if the astrologer is not good in giving an inspirational thought to the depressed client, then that itself is enough to create a bad event in his life or in this case .. melancholy.( especially for those who are already depressed). This is quantum dynamics. There are many astrologers ( not every one) If you listen to their way of prediction it will create mood swings. I strongly recommend all astrologers and medical men should undergo a motivational public speaking course. Just by good thoughts one can overcome Depression. There is no need of astrology or medical science. Mind is a self healer and can also create disease. Don’t visit any Medical men for depression. As mentioned above, there is no blood test , only through your symptoms history, they will decide the dose of medication. If your symptoms saying any mistake, why u take a risk. SSRLs is the popular medicine . If you seriously suffering from Panic attacks and MDD ( major depressive disorder ), then as a last chance u go for it. But try to apply my methods above. Depression is reversible condition. But I am afraid SSRLs will lead you medicine dependency and cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop medication..
Most of the astrology magazines and channels donot like to promote medical astrology. They want only me to write for them pure astrology articles. So I am promoting this in my own website for ailing community.I strongly suggest all medical men should learn astrology and all astrologers should learn at least any branch of medicine so it will be very helpful to the ailing community. It is pity that leading astrologers /astrology magazines are not promoting medical astrology and follow only traditional methods. There is development for every science. But no development for astrology.
The reason behind this article is not for getting any tangible benefits. I don’t ask any of my viewers to subscribe share or like unlike others bloggers. My website is purely for my personal branding. I got lot of messages in my chat room, all related to depression. Hence thought to upload this article. God Bless.

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