Pneumonia is the disease  of inflammation of the lungs. If both lungs are involved ,it is called double pneumonia.When a person breathes, pneumonia causing germs enters to his lungs and his body immune system cannot other wise prevent entry ,the organisims settle in small air sacs called “ alveoli” and continue multiplying. As the body sends white blood cells to attack the infection, the sacs become filled with fluid and pus- causing pneumonia. This disease is very very dangerous for babies especially with impaired immune system. Symptoms are high fever,cough, cold, flu systems, fast breathing, shortness of breath, fast heart beat, head ache etc

Stellar Patterns for Pneumonia

Gemini is the sign which rules lungs, if this gets afflicted, may give disease like pneumonia
Mercury is the planet governing lungs, if this planet get afflicted,or weak in strength, it may give disease like pneumonia or lung problems.
Sun is the giver of life, it affliction also be checked and its placement sign to be checked.
Saturn is the planet of obstruction and crystallization,its aspect, position etc all to be checked.
Air signs ( Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) control respiratory systems , so if any of these signs are afflicted, it can give complications like pneumonia
The fourth house from ascendant represents chest and lungs are situated in chest wall, so if fourth house is afflicted, it can indicate pneumonia
Position of Moon is also important, as moon represent chest.
Conglomeration of planet in Gemini,Libra,Aquarius indicates stress to lungs

Please find below the chart of a native( baby girl) born on 27th June 2010 and expired on 13th Aug 2012 due to Bacterial Pneumonia.

Astro Diagnosis:

Suffering from Pneumonia is shown very plainly by this horoscope, for Saturn, the planet of obstruction and crystallization is aspecting the sign Gemini, the sign which rules the lungs, and aspecting the Sun which is the giver of life, which is also in Gemini and afflicting Mercury, the planet ruling respiratory system, which is also afflicted in Gemini . There is conglomeration of 6 planets in Gemini ( 3 planets in Gemini + Ra, Mo, Sat by aspect to Gemini) , so Gemini is under stress,the sign which rules lungs.

The Sign Aquarius  , the sign which rules the respiratory system is also afflicted by Mars seventh aspect.

The Fourth house, which rules the chest is also afflicted by Mars eight aspect.

All the above points indicate that the native is bound to get lungs diease and the native left this mortal coil on 13th August 2012 due to Bacterial Pneumonia.

The native’s immune system was weak, as the ascendant lord was transisting in star of Saturn which is a maraka for Sagittarius lagna. The King of Malefics-8th lord  Moon was transiting in ascendant and conjoined with malefic Rahu. Ascendant is afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis. There is an exchange of position between ascendant lord and 8th lord. All these points shows very weak immune system. The vimshottari dasha running at the time of death was Venus Main Period- Mercury Sub Period-Jupiter Sub Sub Period.  Venus  and Mercury are Maraka for Sagittarius lagna. Mercury was least in strength,less than the minimum requirement in shadbala. Jupiter is in Nakshatra of Saturn ( another Maraka for this lagna). Hence the death took place during Ve-Me-Ju.

No remedies were suggested to the parents by the astrologer at the time of preparation of birth chart. She was healthy by birth.

 But Latent disease ( Pneumonia) could have been found from Horoscope. The disease got active during Venus Main Period, Mercury Sub Period. She was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia, with in about 4 to 5 days, she breathed her last.

Let us see what remedies should have been prescribed by the astrologer at the time of preparation of her Natal chart.

With this horoscope the following supplements could have been recommended along with the Natal chart.

Bitter and Astrigent flavor in food should have been recommended as she was Kapha –Pitta Constitution( Ayurveda). It decreases Pitta and Kapa and increases Vata which she was lacking in her horoscope. Bitter controls Heart ( TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Zinc for the immune system
Bioflavonoids for general health maintenance and alleviating respiratory problems.
Colts foot, mullein and marshmallow seeds could be suggested for strengthening lungs.
Octacosanol to bring more oxgen to her lungs.
Fenugreek,Garlic and Seasame seeds in diet, which is very useful and gives benefitial results to Pneumonia. It acts as an expectorant.
Chromotherapy- Use Blue colour in form of wearing clothes, sleeping room paint colour, or drinking water bottle in blue color bottle, eating specific blue colour foods.Blue connects Mercury. It connects Throat Chakra. It has beneficial results in respiratory diseases
B Complex in the form of whole grains such as buckwheat, millet, brown rice, oats,amaranth.
Balancing of name( the name was in conflict to her birth date)- Name With Held

10)Respiratory Mudra( Yoga of hands)- ( May be avoided as she was 2 years baby)

11)Chanting of Mahan Mrutyunjaya mantra- ( May be avoided as she was 2 years baby)

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