I have heard astrologers speaking about planet Venus in Marriage Matching.

But Girl/Boy position of Mercury, Moon and Lagna is much important . Not the Venus.

Venus is Beauty Planet. No doubt. It also gives sexual happiness from Marriage.
But Mercury is one’s Psychological and intellectual patterns. Moon is Mind and Lagna is your Self. If these things are weak, what happiness can Venus Provide to Girl or Boy. It will be a disaster

Mercury is good in Crisis Management. Because it is your intellectual patterns.
A crisis is a moment of decision and every moment of decision is a moment of crisis. Life is full of decisions and so full of crisis. So  Mercury is important than Venus not only for marraige but also for a strong good character,. Also Mercury represents Skin. So  it indicates Beauty just like Venus.

If these planets are not well placed and heavily afflicted, donot proceed marriage matching . This might be difficult for late marriages but for first marriages consider these planets if you believe in Astrology.

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