Numbers Vs Horoscope.

Recently I attended a Webinar on Numerology. And he is one of the popular numerologists in India. But unfortunately, he is completely ignorant about astrology. He has many followers and I respect his marketing campaign, after all, money is all that is finally counted in this materialistic world, no doubt. But Quantity doesn’t mean quality. If any of the numerology lovers happen to read this- slim article on Numbers Vs Horocope, it will be highly beneficial for them.

Broad Analysis: Two different persons called by the same name, same date of birth, can have different life maps. The reason is for the first person his name value number may be linking number or belongs to the planet who is yoga karaka as per his horoscope and he will be with full success. In the case of another person, the same planet may be the death-inflicting planet and the name value in that number will only be too dangerous. So without analyzing the Astro factor, it is premature to arrive at any conclusion just on numerology.,
If we visit the hospital, two patients of the same disease may not be given the same medicine and the same dosage since it is related to the resistance seen in the body.So also numerology.

The above horoscope belongs to a person of number 1-8 ( Sun- Saturn)
But his horoscope shows that the sun is not at all favorable as it is posited in the 3rd house in the birth chart. This is not good. So even though it is a birth number it will not help him.
Next is Saturn, he is lord of 10th sitting in 10th in his birth chart, it cannot offer anything great
The lord of Lagna Mars number 9 is posited in his 5th house.
So he has to go with number 9 only.

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