Now we are living in a world that always brain washing you.

We have Henotheism-worship of a single God despite recognition of other deites. And we have Monotheism , belief in a single deity.

There are Religious people denying Scientifc facts. They are completely ignorant about science. They believe only Theism. No science. Finished.

There are another group of people, who donot believe in God.( atheists).

In my opinion, Science and Theism should shake hands on their opposing views and put an end to the tug of war between the two subjects.

If you ask a Theist, what is our Body made of? He will answer, the body is created by God and We have some energy stored with in. Hindu Religion says it is Kundali Energy.

If you ask the same question to an atheist, he will say there is no God.

Ask him then ,

what our Human body is made of?

Tissues and Organs.

What are tissues and Organs made of?


What are cells made of?


What are Molecules made of?


What are Atoms made of ?

Sub atomic particles

What are subatomic particles made of?



That means

I and You are sub atomic particles and are energies or photons.


The things you like and the things you don’t like are all made of subatomic particles.

Your car, home, father, mother, boy friend, girl friend all are made of subatomic particles.


You have around 7 billion billon billon atoms in your body.( you replace 98% of them every year!)

Atoms cannot be chemically divided. And each atoms consist of electrons, protons and neutrons and they are called sub atomic particles.Atoms are primarily empty space. What fills them is packets of light acts as matter.


Einsteins Formula E= mc2

We can convert matter in to energy. For instance, we can burn wood and get heat. We can mathematically determine how much heat can be produced by using Einteins formula.

The energy in piece of matter is equal to mass of the matter times the speed of light squared.

So even minute amounts of matter represent a lot of energy.


We can convert energy in to matter. Light waves when slowed down they attain mass. You cant just put it in freezer. But it is possible to halt light . In fact all Matter is “ FROZEN LIGHT: -light which has been slowed down and become solid.

Light doesnot actually slow down, it moves at the speed of light. Rather the light’s photons get absorbed ,its energy has been transferred


Therefore, we know Human Body is made up of Frozen light. They maintain the characteristic of light which means they have frequency. Matter may be thought as a light of a higher density. The physical body is an energy field. They are not just quantum matter, they have frequency and wavelength.

Louis De Broglie discovered the wavelength of waves that correspond to matter ,which are not visible to us. So quantum dynamics imply that all matter including that makes up the human body is itself made up of waves of light.

Let us analysis this on Ishopanishad Perspective.  ( Upanishad deals with wisdom section of Vedas. There are 4 vedas-RIG,YAJUR,SAMA and ATHARVA. Each Veda is divided in to 4 parts- SAMHITA,BRAHMANA, ARANYAKA and UPANISHAD.  Ishopanishad is the part of Yajurveda .It is very short, only 18 verses. But it is the most important. It is similar to Bhagavadgita. The Bhagavadgita has 18 chapters while ishopanishad has 18 verses.


There is a Mantra given below which refers about an energy in our Human Body. At the end it is connected to Quantum Mechanics and E=mc 2 equation.


The below Mantra is in high water mark in Hindu Philosophy.



Let us broadly analyze the above mantra and its English meaning .


That is complete.This is complete. It means there is no way anything can be taken out or separated. We think we are separating, but we actually are not.

In short : Everything is energy( You and I). Energy influences other energy. What this means is that since we are all energy we are all connected. Matter doesnot separate us because –we are not matter !Matter is actually energy and there is no absolutes and at the atomic level matter doesnot even exist with certainty. It only exists as a tendency to exist. You and I have a whole lot more in common than you think-we are actually connected !



From that completion comes this completion. Or That completion is the source of this completion.




If we take away this completeness from that completeness.



Only completeness remain.


The above parts of the mantra has a dual aspect viz Psychological and Physical.


The Physchological aspect is we have subtle energy ( kundali) with in us which can neither be separated , split or divided. Kundali is the potential energy with us. It is inactive. It can be converted to kinetic energy through Sadhana. Before Kundali energy becomes inactive, it does all the work- growing up of organism from the embroyo to the state of full grown up person. After that this  energy becomes inactive and coils up in spinal column for activation at any time. All its work has been done, nothing has been reduced or substracted from this energy.



The Physical aspect of this mantra is Sum Total of energy can neither be decreased nor increased. You cannot make it disappear because the Sum Total remain constant. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can change from one form to another. This is the physical aspect.


The Quantum Mechanics also says that we are all energies.

The Mantras in Vedas also says that we are all energies.


At the end it is correct to say that we are all inter connected. And energy matters ( not religion )


On Spiritual perspective itself I  guess we need BODY, and we need MIND.

Most of the people who are religious or spiritual would say, you don’t need body, you don’t need money, etc . But they are rich people. Living in Big houses. Live in costly flats, Travel in costly cars. Big Bank Balance. They can say like that. They have enjoyed everything in life. At retirement age, they come in to spirituality and advise such things. And you know they will wear simple cloths and they relate spirituality to the dress code and religion. This is completely non senense. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion nor dress code.

And I would say we need BODY. We need MONEY , We need MIND and We need SPIRIT ( Soul)

Those who claim that Money is not needed.. Ask them $ 10, they may not pay you. Even if they pay you, you will have to return that on time, Or they get angry. They wont even spare you a cup of coffee.  But they go on saying  Money is not important. As long as we live in Material world, there is no meaning in saying that Money is not important. 


We need Body because, only body can experience and be experienced. This is the unique function of body. It cannot create.

For instance, when you eat tasty food, what do you say,. You are enjoying food… Where is the enjoyment taking place ? Is it in the mouth or inside the mouth?. The inner reservoir of enjoyment is with in us and it is just activated by the sensory organ coming in contact with you. The same food you may dislike afterwards. This shows the happiness is not from food. It is with in you.  The food is just triggering your senses.  



We need Mind ( thought) because only thought can make up,create and interpret. It cannot experience. It needs a physical body to experience itself.




And Soul( Spirit) is that which gives life to Mind( Thought) and Body.


So all Happiness is in your MIND not the BODY. But body is also required to experience the Happiness and Mind to Create the Happiness.


It is very hard to find Spiritual people of younger age. This article is printed with an intention to create spiritual awareness among Teenagers. That is why I specifically given broad analysis of Mantras and Quantum Physics so that they can understand that  it has nothing to do with our dress code or traditional religion. Research shows that if children follow a basic instinct, there intelligence wont increase. To increase intelligence, you need to go beyond your instinct.. Most of the people going behind spirituality are old people or retired rich people. They will have a dress code etc. They live in bunglows. They will be rich. They will be unscientific. Please ignore them, They cannot boost your Mind positively both on scientific and psychological approach.No use for the society. You need 2 approach,Physical  and Psychological. Then only our intelligence will improve. There will be always a debate among science and spirituality. We can only reduce the gap between the two and let us try to avoid useless traditional systems followed by our society.  And let us create a happy world around us.

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