8th House Chart of Females

There is a dubious reputation as Mars Dosha ( Kuja Dosha) is inflicting Death. But Mars is not only referring death. Please read our previous article Here  or ( umeshkumar.net/astrology/dating-kuja-dosha )

Mars in 8th house in a Chart of a Male will cause his death,but not that of his Wife.

Mars in 8th house in a Chart of a Female ( who married) will cause death of her husband, but not that of her life.

In charts of spinsters this rule is inapplicable.

In Chart of a Female, 8th house denotes Mangalyastana

A Male who has Mars in 7th can marry with Female who has Mars in the 8th house.

A Female who has Mars in 7th or 8th house should not marry a Male with Mars in 8th house.

A Female who has no Mars in 7th or 8th house can marry a male who has Mars in 8th house.

This is applicable for early marriages considering boy and girl to be lived minimum 40 years together .The above rule not applicable for second marriages or late marriages or those who living faraway places – Example Boy in United States, Girl in Sydney (quantum entanglement is less in that case )

A Word of Caution : When Mars in 8th , if other pointers to longevity are present in a Male Chart, that person will be long lived.

Merely because Mars in 8th one should not jump to conclusion, without examination of other pertinent factors such as presence of benefics in Kendras , strength of lagna lord and aspects of benefics on Lagna.

When Lagna Lord is also Lord of 8th, it will offer results of being the owner of Lagna. So ignore the fact that it owns 8th house – For example, for Aries Lagna,Mars is lord of Lagna and 8th Lord. If such a Mars is in 9th house, we should consider it as Lord of Lagna in 9th ( not as Lord of 8th in 9th ). Ignore the fact that it owns 8th House

Here is a Birth chart for conceptional clarity:

Gemini -Mercury; Cancer- Sun and Jupiter , Leo-Lagna and Venus ; Virgo-Mars and Ketu, Aquarius-Moon , Pisces-Saturn and Rahu

Mars is in 2nd House with Ketu

8th house is occupied with Rahu and Ketu

7th lord in 8th House

This makes 8th house afflicted.

8th house is aspected also by Mars

So there is a tendency to make the person a widow.

Not only Kuja Dosha, 8th house is also afflicted. 8th house means her husband.

The woman was widowed when she was about 36 years old. Her husband was healthy but died suddently


Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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