22nd Drekna just like 64th Navamsha -both stands for Dukkha /Suffering only. Planets in 22nd Drekna will always give you sufferings during their dasa/antardasha. Lord or 22nd Drekna will give you always Dukka. And if in any case Bhadhaka house has a relationship with 22nd Drekna or its lord,then its Dukkha/suffering nature enhances.

Suffering can also give you a turning point , not only positive circumstances.

We all use whatsapp to send messages to our lovers, family, customers whether they are local or abroad. It is pretty amazing to know that its founder JAN KOUM was born extremely poor and was staying in an apartment in Ukraine with no running water. He then moved to the USA with his mom. He was rejected for a job at Facebook. That was the turning point in his life. He came up with whatsapp and now he is one of the top 15 richest Billionaires in the world.

Swami Vivekananda early life was not eventful. In 1881 he just happened to meet Swami Ramakrishna and that proved to be a turning point in his life.

And our Indian Prime minister Sri Narendra Modi ( who is also a Brahmacharya – A brahmacharya can also get married. This only means in vedanta that he can completely control his body and mind through ascetic means. Such persons will be highly powerful , we can feel that looking at their eyes, face, words ,body language.. ) He was helping his father sell tea and later on ran a tea stall and finally became Indian Primeminister.

Astrology calculations :

Just like 64th Navamsha, 22nd Drekna is also 210 degree.
Degree values is same for both of them.
But they are like Apple and Oranges. Some difference in mathematical point is there. And we discuss it in Example 1 and Example 2

22nd Drekna = 21 Drekna + 22nd running
= 21 x 10 degree=210 degree

64th Navamsha = 63rd Navamsha + 64th Running
= 63 x 3 degree 20 min= 210 degree

So degree value of 22nd Drekna & 64th Navamsha is same 210 degree ie 7 signs completed so 8th house.

Example 1- To Find Drekna
Lagna Aries 19:20:33
Add 210 degress to Lagna
210+19:20:33 = 229:20:33=Scropio 19:20:33= 2nd Drekna
for 2nd Drekna 5th sign from the sign in questiion becomes Derkna. So PISCES will become the 22nd Dekna in above example

Example 2-To Find 64th Navamsha
Lagna -we are using same as above Aries 19:20:33
Add 210 degrees to Lagna
210+19:20:33= 229:20:33=Scropio 19:20:33=6th Navamsha So SAGITTARIUS is 64th Navamsha in above example.

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