Your Mind is Your best FRIEND

Do you know who said this to whom?  Sree Krishna said this to Arjuna – Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6, Verse 5

So LOVE your Mind. But don’t confuse this love with the love  that we see in the streets and parks. The LOVE we mean is Transcendental Love.

Mind actually consists of 4 elements viz Manna ( thoughts), Buddhi ( intellect). Chitta ( attachment) and Ahankar ( Ego ). All four together is called MIND viz Manna-Buddhi-Chitta-Ahankar = MIND   or Thoughts+Intellect+Attachment+Ego = MIND

If we are honest, we cannot even begin to understand MIND. Scientists have failed to produce any convincing explanations about Mind or Consciousness and it remains a total Mystery.

Mind is a pure vibrating energy. You cannot physically touch it unlike Brain which consists of Blood Vessels and Nerve cells and can be touched. You can only feel the Mind. It is that which creates a sparkle in the eyes and luster on your cheeks.

Mind is not mere hypothetical. Only 4% of the entire matter and energy in the Universe is under human power of comprehension. The 96% of the entire content of the Universe is beyond the limits of human power of comprehension. To be more specific 23% in the form of dark matter and 73% in the form of dark energy is beyond human power of comprehension. The Brain might be the Physical manifestation of the Mind.

Don’t try to control your Mind directly. Mind is like a horse and You are the Rider. Although Rider is supposed to control the horse they often interact with one another according to the drives of the ego.  You must use the higher mind to elevate the lower mind. In other words, you must dominate your mind with intellect.

If you dominate your Mind with Intellect, your Mind becomes your Best Friend. If you have failed to do so, the Mind becomes your Enemy. According to Bhagavad Gita, Mind and Intellect are two things. And Mind can dwell either in the realm of MAYA or in the realm of GOD. So Sree Krishna enlightens Arjuna to surrender both Mind and Intellect to HIM ( God). So Mind and Intellect is absorbed in GOD

Actually MAYA is also made from BRAHMAN ( Supreme Being ). But they are juxtaposed as opposites. Brahman is ultimate reality; Maya is an illusory non reality. Since Maya is an illusory form of Knowledge you will perceive the world of appearances as the world of ultimate reality. Surrendering your Mind and Intellect to Brahman (God) is the only way to escape from the sway of MAYA

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