You are already a Brahman .No difference in properties. Does muddy water affected by Mud. No because it can be separated from the Mud with some procedures. The Mud can’t change the properties of water even after thousands of years.

A Boy is different from a Girl in this manifestation. But the Prana in both are the same. In their awareness as Prana, they both are the same. In their awareness as manifestations a boy a different from a girl.
Another example, an ant can never become the elephant at least in this manifestation. But the prana in both are the same. In their awareness as Prana they both are the same. In their awareness as manifestations, the elephant is extra ordinarily huge and powerful than ant.

This is realization. Your reflection identity should be gone ..
There is neither Jivatma nor Paramatma as your are already Brahman. Actually the Brahman can expand himself in to billions of billions of forms which would be exactly similar to original Brahman in every way like a candle illuminating other candles became same in quality. When you contemplate deeply in silence the questioner will disappear and it will be revealed that you were always Brahman

If you take WATER VAPOUR, ICE CUBES and WATER: Based on its state of matter, we named it differently. But all contain the same molecules H20. But surely you cannot drink water vapour or ice when you are thirsty and you cannot use water or ice in steam engine. Like wise we are all portion of Brahman.

For a Family man, he sees Supreme God say Shiva as perfect ideal husband along with his wife parvati and two sons: ganesh and karthikeya

For Yogis, they consider Supreme God Shiva in the form of Padmasana and deeply immersed in Samadhi . There is no jewelleries, only rudraksha ,bhasma and tiger skin.

For Advaitins, shiva is in the form of Dakshinamurthy who is know to bestow knowledge and liberation

People who are in Tantra-those who achieve bliss using love see him as the union of male and female energies synching body, breath and mind. This is ideal for couples who are in deep love. Keep in mind this is not Kama sutra. This is Tantra whose objective is liberation not procreation.

Based on your purpose , realization you see God in different forms.He can be worshipped as the water vapour, as the ice, as the water, the sky,the wind, , as the Earth. He is present inside everything.

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