I  don’t know why the name “ SRI KALI” causes angst among children and even to elders. So hereafter we call her “ TRIPURA SUNDARI”- means most beautiful woman of the Tri-lokha -3 worlds ( or simply cosmos) and her enchanting smile, even Lord Shiva could not take his eyes off her. Her sound is sweeter than the sound emanating from Saraswathi’s veena.

In Veda SRI means LAKSHMI

For a simile please refer to the verse 71,85,87 of Lalitha Saharsanamam and Ishopanishad Verse 9. We are going to interpret it.

The essence of all things we enjoy ( verse 71) is because of Her. She is peerless, incomparable ( verse 85) and she is Half You. Your body is Shiva. She is half of the body of Shiva. Body is Soul + physical body. The Right hemisphere of your brain is KALI and Left hemisphere of your brain is SARASWATHI or intellectual mind. Our entire Body is SHIVAM (because of soul).When Soul is departed , our body is called SHAVAM -means a dead matter.

Vidhya ( Knowledge) and Avidhaya( ignorance) is SRI.( verse 87)
Ishopanishad verse 9 says those who are following Avidya they grope in darkness, those who practise Vidya they grope in to deeper darkness. One who knows both Ignoranace and Knowledge attains Immorality by Knowledge

Kali is of course fierce form of TRIPURA SUNDARI or SHAKTHI . But it is only to demons. Not to  her children.  She is a divine mother. She is a Personification of Compassion and grace as much as she is of beauty.

To site an example from modern world, Good Heart will not go well with Strong Mind. Demons means negative people, to fight with them we need strong Mind and a very strong Mind gives you the Power to conquer the wrong guys /demons. So she is appearing in the most dreaded form in front of demons. If you have a wicked, crooked,dishonest,friend,co-worker, family member, or any dissolute person you come across , then he /she is a demon in front of you .( Need not be a demon like figure in Puranas). There you should have STRONG POWERFUL MIND not a COMPASSIONATE HEART to deal with them. You will fail if you fight with dissolute person with your compassionate or loving heart. Use your strong powerful Mind to fight with wrong guys. So Kali also takes most dreaded form to fight with demons to protect us .

 In fact, KALI ( Tripura Sundhari) is life giver in Astrology and Puranas. She protects you from accidents & accidental death. She is capable to transform us. She transformed Arjuna and made him capable to be one with Lord Krishna.

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA said “ Women of India must grow and develop in the foot of SITA”

SITA is incarnation of Lakshmi

In astrological perspective Deity of Mercury is KALI (hereafter we call TRIPURA SUNDARI). Mercury is knowledgeable planet like Vishnu. Mercury knows all Shastras.He is the SIGNIFICATOR of Intellect or Education. Because Education is acquired through Intellect. Mercury exalts in 15 degrees in Virgo. This degree belongs to HASTA nakshatra whose Lord is Moon. Moon is Feelings or Mind. In General- Feelings do not go well with intellect. To cite an example from Modern world, if the intellectual users of the Atomic Bombs can be compassionate towards humanity, it would do great credit to their intellect. So Mercury should get compassionate feelings from moon.

Mercury is Highly Magnetic. It denotes KUMAR ie BOYHOOD such as desire to learn, desire to play and desire to follow others. More Receptive energy. Highly Versatile Number 5. It is in the middle between numbers 1 to 9 and can drag between any numbers.

It is always close to shining sun and so it imbibes light and knowledge.

If Mercury is Alone, it is Benefic.

If Mercury  is linked with your personality such as as lord of lagna or 9th lord, it makes the person great saver of humanity

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam* Namo Namo Guru Swami Vivekananda

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