You must always remember that what motivates you to win friends is rarely what motivates others to grant you friendship. Our thoughts cannot touch each other.

Even though I may find a part in your thought and you may find a part in my thought we are still separate and neither of us can enter in to other’s thoughts. I’m saying that I am your guest but I have no place in your home. Why it is so? Because we are convinced that we are totally independent beings unrelated to each other and this barrier cannot be broken. (because it is not there- not objective reality!!) -Illusion ( Maya).The narrative world is swayed by illusion. ( Contrary to popular belief Maya doesn’t mean simply illusion. actually  it means “ to measure” or “ that which is measured “).How people perceive and judge a native is guided by the illusion of this narrative world There is no universal measuring scale .

People live in a narrative world- a world of stones, ideas and illusion. Most of the things in the subjective reality are connected to Money. Money itself is a subjective reality. So Maya is not actually Illusion. It is subjective reality.So you cannot break it down easily. More you fight, stronger it becomes.

Only in the level of Consciousness with the grace of God you can get rid of it ( Maya).

Krishna is not just love & love.

He is a master strategist.

He said Arjuna ” Tactics compose strategy. Strategy compose Goal. And engage your mind in Dedication and simultaneously engage your body in your work. Whenever there is God, there is righteousness due to synergy effect and whenever there is righteousness/dharma, there is victory . Yatho Krishnah Tatho Dharmah. Yato Dharmah Tatho Jagah

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