Thoughts depend on Hippocampus and if hippocampus is damaged, we will have no thoughts. We will be fully blank.

But in Vedanta /or Wisdom point of view- thoughts stands for Consciousness. It does not depend on hippocampus or brain or body. It is freed from space and time ….and two dimensional existence in linear time and can roam around. ( It can exist in Multiple universe or parallel universe). When we are alive we carry space and time with us like turtles with shells. When you are freed of your body ( after death), you are simultaneously freed of time and space.

In Physics light travels at 186,000 miles per second and Light is also a wave so it needs a medium-ether to travel ( Luminiferous ether)

But Consciousness /or thought (in Vedic meaning ) can travel faster than light. It virtually travels in no time. It is beyond space and time.  It doesn’t need any medium or matter to exist. So you could be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. Perhaps you could be in many places at the same time. Also you could be what you think. Not now at your age of sweet 20s ( after birth). Because we have hundreds billons cell that was fertilized 20 years eight and a half months ago.One of the several billon cells is  that One. If you can find that, twist it and make it feel, No I am not a human being, I am a Cow, instantly you will become COW.

It is the Consciousness that creates the Matter – big bang, universe etc.-not the other way around. In Padma Purana, it is said, KAMA created Universe. Kama stands for Passion or Thought or Desire or Movement. ( Kama-dharma-artha-moksha not dharma artha kama moksha). Desire existed prior to creation. For example If i have no Kama /desire, this article would not have blog posted.

The Consciousness does not need Matter -human body and brain -to exist, but the other way around-Matter needs Consciousness.

Consciousness is non-local in the same sense that quantum objects are non-local

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