Contrary to popular belief Maya doesn’t mean Illusion. Maya means ” that which is measured”. This is what Guru Dronacharya taught to pandavas and kauravas. When Guru Dronacharya teaches something, it is peerless. So let us interpret it based on Vedanta Point of View first and then based on Neuroscience and astrology.


Maya is not illusion in itself. Maya is Real ( Jagath Satyam) – SRI RAMA KRISHNA PARAMHAMSA. Maya is Real because it is the aspect of Bhagvan. Maya is rooted in a true Objective reality. But it hides the true reality and projects false reality. Whatever we see in this world are objects of Maya and we have to measure these objects with the products of Maya ( Mind,intellect etc). So it gives a false measuring scale, an illusion-a Subjective reality. That means what Maya is doing to oneself and to the world, that is not ultimately true. Maya is rooted in Supreme Being.So if you want to get rid of Maya, only way is to surrender to the Supreme Being ( Bhagvat Gita 7:14).

(Kindly go through my below blog links to get an idea about Objective/Subjective realities and Measuring scale)


The below experiments teaches us that our experience of reality is not perfect. This illusion has recently reinforced scientists to understand deeper nature of our consciousness. It is really important to understand we are not seeing the reality.

The dirty little secret about vision is that they are slow, they are lagged, they are not about what is happening right now, but what is happening hundred milliseconds ago. The light hit retinas at the back of our eye balls, it is converted in to an electrical signal that then has to travel to the visual processing system at the back of our brains. From there the signals travel forward through our brain, constructing what we see and creating our perception of it. THIS PROCESS JUST TAKES TIME. And the Visual Cortex( part of our brain that processes information from our eyes) is involving 30 areas of the brain, and the Illusion will fool the visual cortex or in other words scientists says that it does not seem fooled by the illusion but visual system thinks they are different and gives false perception to us.


Look at the Dot on the left side of this Gif. While looking at this Dot, look at the moving object on the right side. You will feel as it is diagonally moving right and left. But when you look at the Moving object itself, you will feel it is moving vertically up and down in a straight line. This is Maya. The alternating Black and White patch inside the object suggest diagonal motion and confuses our senses


The Red dot is moving across the screen and the green dot flashes exactly when the red dot and green dot are in perfect vertical alignment. Yet it is incredibly hard to see the red dot and the green dot as being vertically aligned. The red dot always seems a little bit farther ahead. For moving things -our brain see them ahead on their path of motionOur brain predicts the path of motion before it happens.It tells us about where the object is heading and this story becomes our reality

So simplistic analogy might be like this: if you look in to a mirror while trimming your eye brows and you accidently pierce your skin with the scissors, you will instantly see the wound bleeding in the mirror. The mirror did not cause the wound or the bleeding, did it? The mirror accurately reflected an event at the precise time the event occurred. If it were possible to have a mirror that looked ahead in time, you could have seen the accident ahead of time and thus have avoided it by exercising more care or by not turning your eyebrows at that time. The astrology axiom : forewarned is forearmed ” really applies here. To be prepared is half the victory.


You will see a flashing Red and Blue Boxes. The boxes are same size and positioned in the same place, yet the Red box seems smaller. It is the Motion of the background that confuses us. The visual system assumes (the boxes) are moving too and we get to see them where they would be if they had continued with the motion of the background.

Above experiments shows that what we see in this world is MAYA ( not true reality).

Even the color is an illusion created by our brain. Our eyes are not acting like scientific instruments, they are not measuring the wavelengths of light, they are constantly fooled.

What we experience is not real time feed.


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