In a death bed, the karmic debts will add fuel to the fire.

Because we have all past lives, there is high chance that we all have karmic debts.

Karmic debtor?
Suppose you killed an insect or animal purposefully or by accident, you becomes karmic debtor. Have you eaten fried chicken this morning ? Then you are a karmic debtor of that chicken

Karmic creditor?
Suppose a stranger gifted you a smile and taken you for a dinner with him as a random act of kindness,then he is your karmic creditor. Your parents cared you, so they are your karmic creditors. The chicken who provided the eggs you ate this morning is your karmic creditor.

Lalkitab and Traditional astrology remedies are available for mitigating or nullifying the consequences of karmic debt. But now we will go to the next level, it is more powerful than offering milk, flowers or money to GOD to repay your bad karma.

Service to man kind is service to God. There is no greater service than the service you offer to your fellow beings-Jesus Christ said ( John 13:34). Swami Vivekananda said Service to humanity is National Ideal of India. He didn’t say it is an ideal of a Monk or spiritual man. It is the ideal of every one in our country -the national ideal of India.

So best way to ward off karmic debt is to Repay karmic debts by helping many. Be Karmic creditors by helping many.

NA KARMA LIPYATE NARA – dont expect anything in return. Loving your pet animals is not considered here because you are expecting something from your pet. Karmic debt removal should be done in such way, you should not expect anything in return.

Suppose you saw kids in a road street pleading their mother to buy an ice cream. She scolded them as may be she didn’t have the money to buy them what they demanded. A veil of sadness will be surrounded the little kids . You may take the kids to the ice cream vendor and bought them the ones they wanted. You can then see the smile on their face, it will be priceless. Take a picture of them if they agree. They will agree with out hesitating. This incident will surely make your day and a karmic creditor. See the picture and help such kids whenever you feel depressed or disappointed.You can offer them dress, books, pens, shoes etc It is up to you depending on your level of capacity.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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