Get Moving. Whether it is for Marketing or for a Healthy Body or for to fertilize an egg, we need Motility- capability of movement. The Sperm must move to fertilize an egg.

According to SHIVA PURANA, Shiva is the Supreme God.

According to VISHNU PURANA, Vishnu is the Supreme God.

And in other religions, there are different Supreme Gods.

So don’t try to differentiate or Judge Shiva or Vishnu or other religion Gods.

According to Advaita Vedanta God is not an object that we can find only in worship places.

You cannot see God, but whatever you see in this World, know that it is because of HIM. So he is already inside you right row, this moment, when you read this blog post. He is also there in worship places as object. No differentiation.

Birth exists only in Material world and so we need 2 things:

  1. Body
  2. Energy

Let me explain this way: Imagine Body as Shiva . But body is motionless without energy, because energy is the fuel for the body to move. Energy gives movement to the body. When there is no energy body becomes motionless and is called Shavam (dead body). So body and energy are inseparable.

Body is assumed as Muscular( Shiva) and Energy is Feminine ( Parvathi Devi) and we are both a Male and Female ( Ardhanariswar). The left side of your body ( Right Hemisphere) is Feminine and right side of your body ( Left Hemisphere) is Muscular. No matter what our gender identity, we are all mix of both energies,.

Activate your right brain-right brain is more creative and feminine in nature- to experience God or higher wisdom . If you are more masculine , it will be difficult to reach state of wisdom. Because you will be less creative and more logic. Of course Logic is a valuable skill for children and adults to learn knowledge. But you cannot attain Pragya ( state of wisdom ) through knowledge obtained by reasoning,logic, inference etc.

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