Which is superior- FATE or FREE WILL is the most difficut conundrum for spiritual leaders and theologians

We will discuss the train of thoughts from Neuroscience, Advaita Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita ( Chapter 3 Verse 27) and Lord Matsya  in this article

Recent work in Neuroscience consider free will to be an illusion. Our subsconscious mind decides on and dictates our actions long before our conscious mind actually realises it.

So it is impossible for free will to exist. Human Brain acts at both the Conscious Level and Unconscious Level. Consciousness is something that follows unconscious neural activity.

Our Brains decide a course of action before we know it.

So whether we believe in free will or not is also not in our control. Everything is predetermined .But nothing will happen with out God’s will. God is Omniscient, Omipresent and Omnipotent. It means God is Everything and Everything is God and there is nothing but God. So ” will” is just will-it is not Free. It is an illusion-Part of Maya. So surrender yourself to the God.

From the View Point of Advaita, there is no Duality,there is therefore no ” actual ” creation, there is no people, no objects and no action. Consequently there are also no concepts including that of Free will

Let us look in to the train of thoughts on Bhagavad Gita specific to the chapter 3,verse 27

Our Soul is actually Non-doer. It falsely identifies itself with the body hence it is under illusion of doership.

Every action is performed by Prakriti( Material Energy /Mother nature). Just as waves are not seperated from ocean, but part of it, similarly the body is part of Prakriti( Material energy/Mother nature) from which it is created. Hence material energy is doer of everything.

For example our breathing, heart beat, blood circulation etc we donot consciously execute but occur naturally. Similarly other actions such as our doing, working, speaking, writing, taking, decision making etc we think we perform. It is an illusion.  Let us say there are 2 trains standing side by side on the railway platform and a passenger on one train fixes his gaze on the other. When the second train moves, it seems that the first train is moving. Likewise the immovable soul identifies with the mobility of the Prakriti. Thus it perceives itself as the doer of actions. The moment the soul eliminates the ego and surrenders to the will of God, it realizes itself as the non doer.

Actually the soul doesnot itself perform actions. It does direct the actions of the senses-mind-intellect. A chariot driver doesnot pull the chariot itself but he does direct the horses. Now if there is any accident, it is not the horses that are blamed but the driver who was directing them

As per LORD MATSYA three elements -Fate,Free will and time conjointly affect us.

If the farmer plants ( planting is effort-freewill) but there is no rain ( fate), he will have no crop. Similarly if it rains but he hasn’t planted he’ll have no crop.Both fate and free will/effort are required as in time.

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