Dying before the actual death is a beautiful experience. This is not NED ( Near Death Experience). For actual death, your heart has to stop, then your breathing stops, your brain stops functioning entirely and your skin starts to cool. This point is death and NED is that near death experience.

But Advaita Vedanta goes one step ahead. The Mantra ( from Ishopanishad) – ” OM KRITO SMARA KRITAM SMARA KRITO SMARA KRITAM SMARA”. This means only your breath is immortal in life, but for body ashes are the end. Each moment you are dying and there is no difference to me and you and for you and anyone or anything else in the Earth. We all share the same atoms.And more than 90% of the atoms that were in your body a year ago are no longer there.

Human body is made up of about 7 Octillion atoms ( 7 followed by 27 zeros) 7 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Atoms

Our bodies might appear to remain roughly same on a year to year basis but the reality is that we are actually expelling the atoms inside us all the time.

The Carbon we exhale in Carbon dioxide is the Carbon that composes our bodies.

The Water that we excrete when we urinate is the Hydrogen and Oxygen from our bodies.

Mean time we are breathing air,drinking water,and eating plants and animals that bring new atoms in to our bodies to replace the one’s we are constantly losing.

Planet earth is roughly closed system as far as the atoms in our biosphere go, which means that given enough time for things to sufficiently mix, these tiny microscopic components of our world will inevitably spread wherever water and air are allowed to go.

So every-time you breathe in you are breathing atoms of air that were once inside another human being ( or animals or plants).

Every time you take a drink of water, you are drinking water that was once inside another human being ( or animals or plants)

And every bite of food you take consists of atoms that were inside another person ( animal)

We all share the same planet, the same biosphere and at a fundamental level-even the same atoms.

At an atomic level we are all incredibly deeply connected . Each of us accumulates atoms randomly. With each year that goes by more than 90% of the atoms that were in your body are no longer there. Cells get broken down,taken in your blood stream,filtered by your liver and kidneys. Meanwhile you ingest new atoms through breath, drinking water , food etc.

So each of us have hundreds of billions of atoms that were a year ago inside each and every other person on earth. Hundreds of billions of atoms are in your body now not only from me and everyone else on earth but also from dinosaurs that lived millions of year ago.

Atoms are neither created nor destroyed. So atoms of air you are breathing in were once inside each other human being on earth whether that is Hitler or John F Kennedy. Throughout the generation , those same atoms continue to make up everything -the atoms of the dinosaurs,the plants ,animals are now inside you.

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Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Om Brahma Devaya Namasthuthe,Om Vishnurdevaya Namasthuthe, Om Maheshvaraya Namasthuthe, Om Narayanaya Namasthuthe * Namo Buddhaya * Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam * Namo Namo Guru Swami Vivekananda * Om Krito Smara Kritam Smara Krito Smara Kritam Smara
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