There is a best quote from Srimad Bhagwad Gita – CHAPTER 2 , VERSE 28 that does the best job to define about 10th dimensional world or the journey of soul.  ( Avyatka-Vykata link)

“ Avyktadini bhutani Vyaka madhyani Bharata

Avyakta -nidhananyeva tara ka Paridevana”

It says that Every Soul before birth comes from Avyakta ( Unmanifesed field) and at birth joins the Manifested world ( Vyakta ) and return to Unmanifested state ( Avyakta ) again on death. So what is there to grieve about.? That means Soul can move forward and back ward in Time Line. It can also control space and time and can exist in Multiple universe simultaneously.

In fact, we are all living in Multi Universe/Parallel Universe without being aware of it(No physical laws exists which would prohibit the existence of Multi universe. or higher dimensions). Because of the limitations of our three dimensional brain and senses we may not be able to perceive them.

We human beings are actually three dimensional beings. But we can also have one dimension of time. That is, we can move only in one direction in time – the forward direction. We cannot go back in our Time line and create a new Time Line.  For example, If a person fall in love with a US girl named XYZ and took a decision to marry her on 9-9-1999 and got married. Current time line is 21-05-2023( 21st May). In Three dimensional world,. He cannot go back to his Time line of 9-9-1999 and change that marriage decision and start a new Time line to Marry another girl elsewhere. He can only move forward in time.

The concept of Manifested and Unmanifested worlds ( Vyakta and Avyakta)  can also be seen in a horoscope. In Astrology 2nd to 7th houses are Manifested houses or Vyakta Region. 9th to 12th houses are Unmanifested houses. 1st and 8th houses are boundary and is considered as part of both Vyakta and Avyakta regions. If you have inner planets ( ie Moon, Mercury, Venus , Sun etc) in Vyakta houses, you will get high position in life and material wealth. On the other hand if you have outer planets such as Mars or Jupiter in Avyakta houses such as in 9th house, you will gain spiritual wealth.

The entire three dimensional world or Samsara is created by Two Triangles or 2 forces. These triangles are called SHIVA TRINE and SHAKTI TRINE.  As per BF Sherman, a triangle has 4 sides and the fourth side is called Sherman line of the triangle. It has 4 points. So one Triangle is 2 dimensional. When you have 8 points you get 3 dimensional. So two triangles SHIVA TRINE Plus SHAKTI TRINE is 3 dimensional.

You need both Trines ( SHIVA TRINE and SHAKTI TRINE) to live in Samsara / or Three dimensional world  .

Shiva Trine is  Upward Triangle- Upward force-Shiva is Fire- upward movement of energy. Flames of Fire always go upwards, no matter how it is positioned.  Wisdom comes under this force

Shakti Trine is Downward Triangle-downward force-It is like Water droplet which always falls downwards. Carving for Food,Sex, Material wealth comes under this force. Even the “Kama “ (means “desire” )comes under this force. It is your choice how to direct that desire. You can direct that desire for learning, wisdom, knowledge  or for     food or sensual pleasures. Through the blessings of Devi/Shakti , only you can direct that desire or craving to higher levels ( Shiva triangle)

Downward triangle is Maya which is a subjective reality (not just illusion) and very powerful than upward triangle. For example, I am an Indian, suppose, I want to travel to United States, I need US visa. This is Subjective reality. Actually we are all connected and live in the same biosphere, and even share the same atoms. (objective reality). Money is Subjective reality. So it is very difficult to break Maya. That is why Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa said. “ JAGATH SATYAM” ( not JAGATH MITHYA).  But guiding force behind all Shakti is Upward triangle -Shiva which is the omnipresent consciousness encompassing the entire universe.  We have to surrender to Shakti ( Maha Maya )and then only by her grace she can get rid of us from Maya and then we can move energy upward direction.

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