Google approved my site for adsense in my FIRST attempt itself! ( credit also goes to my viewers.Love you !)

My site is already monetized with other ads too.

Also through offline mode i am benefited with my site. But I am not doing this for ads. This work is my play. I do for my happiness. when work becomes your play, then you no longer doing any work. Research show that if you ask 82 % of students coming out from their College degrees,, what u like to do ? You like to do the Job which makes you MILLIONARE or you like to do a  job which gives you HAPPINESS ?  Most of them- about 82% will say, I want job that makes me MILLIONAIRE . But do your job which gives you HAPPINESS and then money will automatically come. !!!!! And just by PLAY ( Make work as your play )

But the more happiness is i was waiting which type ads google will be selecting for my website. And the first ad selected is for SIP( social impact plan to help child survive). For this I am too Happy…..I like to help kids. And I am thankful that google selected SIP ads for my blog. BUT AD CHANGES. SO I AM NOT SURE WHAT ADS WILL COME IN FUTURE . BUT FIRST AD WAS SIP !!! As my website is with multi  topics such as motivation, branding, astrology, quantum physics,wisdom nature cure, the ads will be varying very very fast compared to single topic website.

This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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