The life of Thomas Alva Edison unfolds us how a positive word of encouragement can help change any one’s destiny.

Thomas Alva Edison had only three months of “schooling” during his entire life. He didn’t lack education neither did he die poor.

The letters of the name of a baby should be in such a way that compound numbers derived from the name are gainful. Secondly the root number of the compound number should tally or friendly with the root number of date of birth.

To interpret celebrity chart is always a tough task as if the Time of Birth was incorrect all the efforts would go in vain. All that is shown in the news channels and written in books about celebrities is not always true regards Time of Birth.So I took the help of Numerology.

Thomas Alva Edison was born on 11 th February 1847 . He is believed to have had Dyslexia( learning disability) and ADHD( Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

One day, a small child , Thomas Alva Edison came home from school and gave a paper to his mother. He said to her  mother, my teacher gave this paper to me and told me only you are to read it . What does it say? Mother’s eyes wetted with tears as she read the letter. She replied to her child “ Your son is genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have good enough teachers to train him. Please teach yourself. He is expelled.”

There after Edison was  home-schooled by her mother. He developed a voracious appetite for reading and made major scientific breakthrough with his unusual methodology. He invented many devices including the dynamo and the first practical light bulb.

Many years after Edison’s mother had died, he was looking through old family things. Suddenly he saw a folded paper in the corner of a drawer in a desk. He took it and opened it up. On the paper was writtem “ Your son is addled ( mentally ill) . We cant let him attend our school any more. He is expelled”

Edison became emotional reading it and then wrote  in his dairy. “ Thomas Alva Edison was a Mentally Deficient  Child  whose  mother turned him in to the  genius of the country”

His mother’s positive word of encouragement changed his destiny.

Now let us look in to Numerology.


  • The compound number derived from the Name should be gainful
  • The root number of the compound number should tally or be friendly with the root number of the date of birth.
Name Thomas Alva Edison
Date of Birth 11th February 1847


There fore Root number of  Date of birth is 6.

 The Name “Thomas Alva Edison” gives compound Number 69 in phytagorous system. This number indicates complete success. There fore Root Number of compound Number of  name is 6 which is the same as the root number of date of birth. This is very auspicious. He is blessed with the name Thomas Alva Edison.

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