Add the sum of birth year 4 times continuously to the birth year. Then stop the addition.
Then find out which year the Birth Number comes and find out single digit of the age number during that period of time.
This will be the Year of Death of the Native. It doesn’t always indicate the Native’s death. But it will definitely be a Critical year for the Native.
In my own life, I lost my beloved father in my Critical Year.
I have reviewed many birth charts in my consultations. I have seen many people losing job, death of native,death of parents, and even Big Factory MDs(owners) have gone bankrupt in their critical year. So Critical Year or Death Year is Very powerful in Numerology. The analogy I tend to use for Critical Year ( or Death year) is a Wild Fire that spread. In Medical Astrology, you can relate it to rip roaring inflammation- some thing like cytokine storms.

The Thin Red Line:
Forewarned is Forearmed……

Broad Analysis:
SP BALASUBRAHMANYAM sir was born on 4th June 1946 as per Wikipedia. This much is what I know about his birth details.
1) his birth number is 4
2) his year number is 2
First Addition
Add 20 ( 1+9+4+6) to 1946 = 1966
Second Addition
Add 22 ( 1+9+6+6) to 1966 = 1988
Third Addition
Add 26 (1+9+8+8) to 1988 = 2014
Fourth Addition
Add 7( 2+0+1+4) to 2014= 2021

We find that in 2020 we get 4 ( 2+0+2+0), which becomes his birth number as well.
Adding fuel to the fire, he got covid-19 Corona virus attack and was admitted to the hospital on August 5th 2020. His age during this period was 74 years( ie 7+4=11=2). We get number 2 which also becomes his year number. This is very fatal. The month august represent number 8 month. This number is critical number for the number 4 people
SP B sir left this mortal world on 25 th September 2020.(7+9+2+0+2+0), again we get Number 2 which is his year number.

I hope this article will be useful for numerology lovers to predict and forecast dangers and protect others .
At last not least…Every author has his own style of writing. I have least interest in predicting death because every one desires to live long with joy in life. I deeply love SP B sir. I was crying on that day listening to his songs in you tube channel. He is very humble. I love SP B sir sound and character 100 times more than any other singer in India.I feel proud that we , Indians got a great singer in our life time . At last I place my thoughts at the Holy feet of SP B sir and your blessings have been taken in the form of this little article. Love you sir……….please bless me….PRANAMS




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