You may feel Numerology is completely stupid. How can a name determine success or failure in a business.  It unfolds that Top companies we find that they have fortunate names ( names containing good numbers) and companies not doing well contains bad numbers.


According to Numerology business numbers are 5,6,7 and 3

5 = Represents Sales and Marketing

6= Profits or finance.

7= Innovation, or Research- This can drive your business in to new dimension.

3= Spreads your business overseas.


The Numbers 13, 14, 16, 19 are Karminc Numbers ( Karmic Debt) . Be careful with these numbers. They are bound to give sudden losses. It is similar to a person carrying a Hydrogen bomb with him.


Let us analyse the name of a computer  Company SATYAM to understand how their fate is affected by Numerology.

Broad Analysis :

Sheaffer in Pythagorean system = 1 1 2 7 1 4 = 16

Sheaffer in Chaldean system = 3 1 4 1 1 4 = 14

Total Letters = 6 ( Good for business)

Sum of Vowels ( in Pythagorean system) = 2 ( Good for business)

Sum of Vowels ( in Chaldean system)= 2 ( Good for business)

Number 16 is a karmic number and represent sudden losses. This number should never appear in any business name.

Number 14 is also a karmic number and that indicates heavy losses. It also indicates police and legal troubles.


Numbers 6 and 2 are good.


Hence Satyam managed to do good business for few years until the number 16 and 14 came to effect and changed all suddently.

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This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

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