Usually a name starting with alphabet ” S” is a word of caution in numerology for FEMALES. Unless there are silver linings in the native’s natal chart that foster good luck especially in the areas of widowhood or magalya, numerology doesn’t shake hands with the results of the name.

So the name starting with” S” is Bad or Good ?
The answer is Yes and No.
For Some people it is good while for some others it is 100% bad.
In an analogy is Vitamin A Good for eyes. Answer is Yes. But use it with caution. Because it is a fat soluble vitamin ( unlike vitamin c , any excess of vitamin c will pass through your urine, and less likely to make you toxic) , any excess in vitamin A will deposit in your body and can create lot of problems , can even make you blind. If you are suffering from “Stargardt disease” you should cut down your intake of vitamin A. Like wise, you should ( if you are a FEMALE especially)check your natal chart, then only select the name starting with alphabet ” S”. Medical astrology also accepts this.

Having said , few names in Numerology starting with ” S” remain like Silver bullet. The name SARASWATHI is worth mentioning here.
As per Chaldean system the value of SARASWATHI is 27
Meaninng of 27 : The native will be courageous and dusting with love and will be wealthy and above all will be spiritually inclined. This number is also connected to 27 stars that govern the universe. The native will be very quick and ambitious.Learning and skills will be his/her insparable bedfellows

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya

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